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Yahoo groups is being very very annoyingly slow today, as in an exchange started early this morning still hasn't managed to go back and forth twice. You'd think that this would be a good thing, because I could get back to work, but instead it means I have to constantly hover over the browser at every moment waiting to see if they finally got their act together and I can find out whether I need to go get leather dye or not. Er, in the game.

This isn't helped by work today actually being kind of slow, by which I mean 'I keep having to do full builds, leaving me with nothing to do for a half hour at a time'. Well, other than all the other things I should be doing, but I'm really terrible at multitasking and procrastination, so I wouldn't have done them anyway.

Hmm. Should I go see 'Pan's Labyrinth'? It got good reviews, and it's showing at Redmond Town Center, which isn't too far away, and I could check the EBX there to see if they finally have the game cube version of twilight princess.

And in WoW, I've utterly failed to get in any more groups, and I'm getting frustrated at the tiny list of quests they let you keep active at any given time -- it means you basically have to pick one zone at a time and only quest there for, like, ten levels. Except that there aren't enough quests in a single zone to get you to the harder quests that the ones you can do chain to, so you end up having to go to another zone anyway and filling up your quest list and your inventory with crud. Whoever came up with the shredded manual quest -- which requires you to collect 12 random doodads that drop off 'any creature in the zone' very very rarely -- needs to be shot and killed. In the game, of course. PK him whenever you see him!
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