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Do Run Run Run

It's hard to say whether or not we should continue to call Lazar's game world-of-time themed, but we had a session last night, regardless, after skipping a week due to illness.

The party fled from security, trying to head around the map in the opposite direction they'd originally been going in an attempt to not get caught. When they arrived at what looked like some kind of airlock, Fezzik decided that burning through it with his cutting torch would be faster than trying to hack it. He'd already disabled the fire alarms when he'd been trying to cut through the floor of the stairwell, right?

Apparently, he hadn't disabled the Halon fire suppression system in this area. Luckily for them, Kanwei was a remote controlled robot, and didn't pass out, and was able to take them through the airlock to a part of the building with oxygen. Most of the security force chasing them was wiped out -- the robots weren't affected, but didn't try to follow through the airlock since its diagnostics reported to them that it hadn't been opened.

So, when they awoke (with nasty headaches) they found themselves in a massive server room, a treasurehouse full of more porn than anyone could possibly imagine all at the same time. A cute little robot approached them, as they made their way through the maze of racked computers, so they shot it. Unfortunately, it was only a hologram.

A little later they found where the projection had been sent from, though -- a cleared space at the edge of the inner courtyard, with mirrored windows instead of solid metal, where he was working on, well, motion-capture technology. The interesting thing being that the projections had sensory feedback... and could walk right through the wall of the courtyard, although they were 'killed' soon afterwards.

So Hariin volunteered to be a test subject. It turned out that what killed the projections was a sudden fall onto spiky grass -- apparently, inside the courtyard the projections had to obey physics, which otherwise hadn't been built into them. As the second projection going through in a short period, the 'corpse' of the first cushioned his fall, and he was able to explore.

The courtyard was full of trees, growing in the 'natural sunlight' from overhead. Each 'tree' marked on their map was a whole grove of lemon or plum trees... or so he thought, until the lemons swivelled towards him and shot him.

But he wasn't hurt by his projection being killed, so he went back in, this time with Fezzik and Sophia in tow, while Kanwei waited outside and made sure nothing funny happened to their bodies. Their helpful scientist assured them that security was not allowed to enter the server room, so they didn't have to worry about anything until they tried to leave.

Fezzik found the squish space, which it turned out they could have gone in through by cutting through several random gratings elsewhere in the building, since it wasn't as squished this near the courtyard. Hard to get to them with security on alert, though...

Sophia found that a door which had remained featureless and unresponsive to Hariin reacted to her much large projection (she'd pulled a model out of the porn files instead of using the default tiny gremlin thing) by bringing up a lighted symbol, and saying 'voiceprint rejected' whenver she spoke.

Hariin remembered the codes listed in the notes. "Say 'ingsoc'," he suggested, and that was the password to open the door, so that their projections could go through.

Unfortunately, the next barrier required typing at a computer, so Fezzik had to send his little spider manipulator robots all the way around through the squish-space to get to the keyboard physically to type. This annoyed him -- if he'd been scrying for real in the real world instead of in this electronic horror-show, he could have just cast the spells as fast as any others...

The LLRLSSLR directions were the key to disable the screensaver, and the next word was the password to open the door... into a dark, mostly empty warehouse. They explored in the dark fruitlessly for a while, before Kanwei finally managed to use his nanites to cut through the glass (which was unreasonably tough, but not as tough as the thick metal) and allow them physical access. In their physical bodies, the warehouse didn't stay unlit.

They found some tables that were search engines, and Kanwei managed to find the right thing to ask to get the files they were looking for -- the 'ancient programs' that would be ter'angreal when they returned to the real world. The last clue, 'Yellow', turned out to be the level of security they needed to access to get to the files, which Fezzik was able to finagle for them out of the password system (after ruining one terminal by failing to understand DOS command prompts in the slightest). There were 128 files, 75 of which were executables and therefore probably ter'angreal. They also took some old programming books, and as much ancient music as Hariin's system could hold.

As they left, the scientist decided to go inside and explore himself. They wished him well... then Kanwei sealed the hole he'd gone in through, so he couldn't follow them out. They snuck past the security robots, fought a pitched battle with the remnants of the security forces to get back to a stairwell, then returned to the roof, where they found that Sophia's 'wyvern' had taken out a couple dozen security guys before they'd given up. They climbed inside, and flew away from the building and out of the horrible technological dystopia.

Or maybe not.

Even after they landed, a bit outside of Ebou Dar, they still hadn't gotten back to the real world. "ARGH, I bet we have to climb back down the fire escape and leave exactly the same way we went in," Fezzik theorized -- a course of action that would be really hard now that the police were swarming over the place after their messy run.

An additionaly annoyance was that the wyvern needed solid-hydrogen fuel-cells to feed its hunger for energy. Fezzik dowsed for the nearest source, and then Sophia snuck in to steal some, which went surprisingly well. Afterwards, it turned out that they hadn't stolen *nearly* enough to really put a dent in its hunger, though.

Aaand, of course, the military (whose base they'd just stolen fuel cells from) had spotted them instantly and tracked them back to their rendezvous in the woods, which they surrounded and ambushed. Oops.

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