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More wolves... always wolves...

Last Saturday, I was over at Ed's place for a 'game night' where we played a couple games of Bang! (I lost one because, well, I was the renegade, and the renegade always loses, and the other because I took one of the 3hp characters from the expansion, not realizing that dynamite from the expansion did 3hp of damage, killing me instantly from max), and then I got roped into helping someone playtest some crappy games. One was a low-budget version of Flux, where instead of having the rule changes on cards, you were just supposed to make up the rules on your own, and so people kept making up really boring rules, until the guy himself finally won a hand and started giving people ideas.

On Sunday, Eric ran another session of the Eberron campaign, which features wolves of all sorts. Skeletal? Yep. Awakened? Uh huh. Construct? You got it.

Day 5, cont.: Ambushed by low level mage while leaving Rose Quarry. Annoying, but not really dangerous. What kind of mage memorizes 'ray of enfeeblement', 'cause fear', and 'obscuring mist' in an area infested by undead? Apparently, a coward who runs away after casting his three useless spells.

Day5, night: Decided to camp outside the mournlands instead of arriving at White Hearth around sundown. Heyyou spent all day and all night banging away to repair damage. Must get ear plugs.

Day 6: Attacked by skeletal wolves. Much less dangerous than living wolves. No one injured except useless 'rogue'. Unfortunately, useless cleric healed him.

Decided not to scavenge massive battlefield full of suspiciously fresh corpses. Spotted a giant crab as we were leaving... so, probably a bad call not to scavenge. Could have fought a giant crab instead of more wolves.

White Hearth was hidden in a mine, under one of four giant admantium hatches. Hatches themselves worth much more than we will ever be paid by clients, ever, unfortunately we could not remove them.

Complex itself is rather complex, with color-coded keys controlling access to various hallways. Found some scrolls, and more damn wolves. Decided to work for man-eating wolves in return for green key. The mission: Destroy a wolf-shaped golem guarding even more wolves.

Cleric freaked out again during fight, so we all ran and hid. Luckily, he didn't manage to get to the wolves we were trying to rescue before calming down.

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