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ALL THE WAY through the looking glass

Right. Last Friday we had another session of Lazar's shadake game, and managed to get back to the actual wheel of time universe mostly intact.

Even though they were surrounded by the military, they weren't going to give up that easily. After all, the military in their actual world had no defense against the one power, sure these folks would be equally clueless. So Fezzik pretended to be surrendering while trying to put up a massive wall of... er... foam... to stop the bullets.

It didn't work. Most of the party got shot, a lot, although mostly in the arms and legs because they were wanted alive. Sophia managed to drag everyone into the helicopter and take off, but... well... the helicopter had been hacked by the military, and was just taking them to prison. Kanwei managed to hack back into it, and while he couldn't override the AI, he thought he could make it crash.

"Make it crash! Make it crash!" Fezzik cried, filling the copter with foam so that they wouldn't die in the crash, probably.


They did live -- Fezzik had had time to heal them all before Kanwei finished hacking. But again, Sophia was the only one who remained conscious, and so *she* got away.

The rest of them woke up in a cell, with all their injuries healed, by virute of the injured parts being cut off and replaced with cyberware. This even healed the normally unhealable Myrdrall injuries! Of course, the cyberware was bugged, but what can you do?

Then they spent the day being interrogated. None of them were very cooperative, except for Fezzik, who told them the truth. "None of you are real, and I'm just waiting for you all to evaporate into thin air, so I can go back to the real world."

This 'insanity plea' didn't impress them, so the prisoners were transferred to Savek's command ship, which was apparently entirely digital. As in 'TRON'. They were informed that they were slated for the game grid, given identity disks, and placed in a featureless cell.

But in *this* world, Fezzik's (and Hariin's) magic worked without equipment again, so the cell didn't hold them for long. Unfortunately, he couldn't put the walls *back*. Well, he *could*, but they were blue instead of red, so it didn't really cover their tracks. By the time they ran into Sophia's impromptu rescue party in the cargo bay, the alarm had already been sounded.

The cargo bay situation was maddening -- their gear had been converted into a bunch of giant boxes, and while it could be compressed for easy storage, none of them had more than one inventory slot except for Sophia, who'd had a backpack on when she'd flown into the TRON world. So it took a long time to pick everything up, and they had to fight their way to the hangar bay, which had no door -- the proper permissions removed part of the outer hull, to let you fly.

So, Fezzik decided that since angreal here were consumable (not single-use, but they got a little smaller each time) he'd use the hallucinatory angreal he'd found earlier to blow away that part of the hull. The good news was that that worked, and they were able to escape. The other good news was that, as a side effect, they did massive damage to Savek's command ship as a whole. The bad news was that Fezzik was kind of out of it for the rest of the escape, hallucinating or possibly infected with a virus.

Oh, and that the lingering destruction field critically damaged their flyer, which was 'annoying' in the TRON world and 'OMG we only have three rotors!' once it turned back into a helicoptor. Somehow, they managed to get to the ground alive, although 'in one piece' certainly didn't describe the state of the helicoptor. And neither did 'walking away'.

Sophia's ally -- a yakuza assassin who she'd hooked up with at some point -- took his leave, then, and as soon as he was gone they were back in the real world. It'd been his fault all along! He had an aura of (un)reality just like Fezzik and Hariin and Sophia, just a more drastic one.

Hariin took a quick trip back to Ebou Dar to see if they'd actually fought the real military or what (the translation between worlds hadn't always kept authority figure == authority figure) and to pick up Jacen. Jacen didn't believe a word of their story, although as a theiftaker he could tell they weren't lying -- they believed it. Apparently, though, they *had* actually fought the real Ebou Dar military, so... it was time to head back to Carhein, halfway across the known world. With two cartloads full of ter'angreal, it'd been a good trip.

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