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WoW and CoH

Getting killed repeatedly makes me switch games.

In WoW, I got funnelled into Stranglethorn Vale where the first few quests were my level, but then they all chained to stuff where I was fighting +3s and +4s. Which meant the aggro radius was HUGE! So I'd get adds, and die (because everything there dazed and stunned and disarmed and resisted all my dazes and stuns) and then rez, and die because there was nowhere to rez that wasn't in aggro range of something, and repeat until I managed to corpse-walk back to a safe area, and then complain about it loudly online, and then...

Play CoH for a while. I was playing a low-level brute in PO, and after getting the Stone Cold badge I decided to go hunt ghost pirates. They were around level 10, so that was good, but it was hard to get them to count towards the badge, because they had to be *right on* the ghost traps and in particular *not flying*. When, after four tries and one death when the only thing that hit was ticks from lightning field, I finally trapped a ghost, it instantly spawned a dozen level 15 boss ghost pirates, killing my level 10 brute in about half a second. I complained about it on the LJ channel, and they were all 'yeah, that's supposed to happen sometimes, the trap exploded.' ARGH.

Then I tried going and doing an unrelated mission and got ganked by an even-level Damned. Oof.

So, back to WoW (the next day), where I decided to go do stuff in Desolace instead of Stranglethorn, even though my quest log was full with red and orange stranglethorn quests. I dropped some of the more awful ones (Green Hills of Stranglethorn, I'm looking at you!) to make room, as well as taking care of a few old quests in Thousand Needles (Arikara and Hypercapacitor Gizmo) and started hunting centaurs. And it was good! Fighting things that were actually my level made me not hate life! I even got mining up to 175 so that I could mine mithril, although the first couple mines I found got ninja'd by other miners while I was fighting off the monsters guarding them. The *third* one, I got wise, and mined it myself while my pet fought a delaying action. }:P

Then I got in a team to go do the 'Gadgetzan' dungeon, which I had a quest in. Only, they hadn't realized that Gadgetzan was on a different continent than Tirisifal Glades, so they changed the group into a Scarlet Monestary group. Luckily, the portal stone thing let them summon me, because that would have been a loooong trip. All the drops we got were for cloth-wearers, but since there *weren't* any I ended up snagging a nifty staff, that beat out my dual axes hands down. For that matter, it does more damage than my bow. Yeesh!

So, Aitani's level 34 now. I think that means it's time to go hunt down critters with Claw 5 and Bite 5 for my pets.
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