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For years now, I've been using 'Suave' shampoo, because, well, it happened to be a brand that was around in my house when I was gowing up, and it worked best of the three or four sorts we tended to rotate between. Certainly better than head+shoulders, which I used to be forced to use for dandruff. I haven't had dandruff in a while, ever since I stopped using head+shoulders... sort of like my acne's gotten much better since I stopped using clearasil, and my eyesight hasn't deteriorated further since I stopped wearing my glasses, whereas all my friends who wear them keep having to get more and more powerful prescriptions, and the eye doctor warned me that I'd need to do that too.

Sometimes, you have to wonder...

But anyway, I'm about out of shampoo, so I hit the drugstore this morning to get more, but they were out! They had some Suave, but it was all the thick, opaque 'conditioner', which is not the same thing as shampoo. I know this by experience.

Then I saw that they *did* have shampoo, but it was a slightly different brand: 'Suave for men'.

The heck? Have I been using girls' shampoo all these years? Who would name a shampoo for women 'suave'?
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