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Family Matters

Well, my mom was in town last weekend, which meant I spent all weekend over at my sister's house visiting, and basically ended up not having a weekend really. Time goes amazingly fast when you're waiting hours to somehow get all the whirling bits of nonsense to align -- multiple kids, various peoples' obsessive housework, a very small kitchen, it's all set up to waste time.

Over the course of the weekend, we managed to... er... oh, right, we watched an episode of Lost. That's really about it.

My sister was complaining about this too, later -- how Stevie is ridiculusly needy and doesn't give her a moment's rest. That's not what I noticed, though -- I noticed her obsessive, redundant housework never giving her a moment's rest. What *is* it with women and housework? She spent more time on housework over the weekend than I'd spent in the previous *year*.
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