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Prison, Break

Friday night we had another session of the mostly world-of-timeish Shadake game, this time set in the x-men universe, and not City of Heroes as intially guessed.

Well, Lucrecia had given the party an extra day to decide on what to do, and Fezzik's 'mental link' to Hariin told him that their Nimune companion was locked up somewhere under one of the big skyscrapers, so it was time for a prison break. The only problem -- the mutant nullification field covering the prison, which corresponded to an old abandoned steading in the 'real' world.

Luckily, they had with them, from the big heist, a jar which, if you drank from it, would tell you secrets about whatever area the liquid you filled it with was from, which let them discover several mostly-secret ways into the prison -- one too small for them to fit through, unless they used the bracers that turned them into snakes, and the other blocked by walls. Well, they knew what to do with walls.

They also had some heavy golden belts that were able to power weaves... er... mutant abilities without needing a connection to the one power... er... even inside a mutant-dampening field. Oh, and nightcrawler. For some reason they had Nightcrawler.

So, into the sewers, through the walls (KABOOM), and into the prison! With their powers still functional, it was pretty easy to open the cage doors and let loose the prisoners, who mostly headed for the exits. It was less easy to block off the sentinals and human guards, at least until Hariin (who was given a belt once out of his cell) charmed the human guards and got them to attack the sentinels, making them a higher priority to kill than the escaping prisoners.

While Hariin and Fezzik were holding off the guards, Kanwei duplicated himself a LOT and started randomly blowing holes in the walls to get to other cell blocks, and Sophia headed for Magneto's cell, since Magneto was the highest priority prisoner to rescue. To her surprise, Magneto was her father.

Not nearly as much to her surprise, once freed of his collar (which took a while for Kanwei to do safely) he was immune to the dampening field, and was able to rip all the cell bars loose and use them to pierce and destroy the field generator, giving all the prisoners back their powers.

That only left the giant sentinal factory hooked up to the waygate, guarded by a strange person wearing a golden medallion. Fezzik shot him with an explosive crystal arrow (he had some nice crystal arrows made for him by one of their customers, as barter), and then vanished. Kanwei and Hariin vanished next. Sophia pushed her power to the limit, and managed to badly damage, if not destroy, the sentinal factory, but was then sent into the corn as well.

Well, into the future -- where they were back in the world of time world. And Sophia's father was no longer Magneto... but somehow wasn't a vampire either. Fezzik panicked and ran away anyway.

When Fezzik got to the surface, he saw that the world was in a sorry state. The superhero world-bubble was clearly visible, and fluctuating. There was a war going on between Sentinels and supervillains on the one side, or cairhein military and whitecloaks on the other, and worst of all the WHITECLOAKS turned into the mutants! So Fezzik didn't know which side to root for!

Then, to make things worse, Hanzou -- the guy with the removable thumb, who brought cyberpunk with him like a shockwave -- rode into town and headed straight for golden-P-guy. When they got close, Fezzik could *see* reality cracking around them... so he summoned a windstorm to try to toss them away from each other. "Stop it, you idiots! Can't you see --" and he was timeported again.

The others had a nice chat with Sophia's father, then eventually headed to the surface to find the same situation. Magneto almost got himself killed, since Sophia's father couldn't fly when he wasn't a superhero, and somehow they ended getting timeported again or something, because eventually everyone met up at their shop, now in the wheel of time universe again, while fighting continued in Cairhein -- although it was obvious the whitecloaks were going to win, since they were so numerous.

And there, by their shop, was a MASSIVE, visible crack in reality, which occasionally spat out a confused-looking visitor to the world.

This was probably not good.

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