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Scheming for Schema

Eric ran another session of his game today. There were a couple arguments, but it mostly went okay.

After getting the green key from the awakened wolf, the party was quickly able to explore the rest of the complex. They tripped a few traps, and had to fight off a living prismatic spray, but eventually they found their way to a very hot pair of admantium doors, behind which they were pretty sure they'd find the schema (since it had appeared in the illusion of a chest in one of the other, trapped rooms, that had also been full of imaginary flames).

So they cast their resist fire spells, and smooshed the fire elementals inside so quickly that they sort of felt bad about using up so many spells on resist fire. The schema was indeed in the chest -- two copies, in fact -- along with a big admantium wheel that looked like schemas would fit in, and a weird vat full of molten glass. No real treasure, though.

But on the way out, at the mouth of the cave, they were ambushed by a bunch of soldiers and skeletons, and the weak-ass coward mage they'd met in the ruins of Rose Quarry. "Give us the schema, or we'll take it from your bodies, and reanimate them to serve in our army!"

So the party ran back into the cave, back down the hatch, and rested the night, safe inside the nigh-impregnable defenses of Whitehearth. Just before dawn, they got the awakened wolf to work the controls to the rear exit (a platform that could be raised through a dome in the room of the fire-elemental room), and tried to sneak out the back.

Unfortunately, Heyyou was not at all stealthy, and they ended up getting ambushed *again*. This time, though, they weren't wounded and completely out of spells, so they decided to stay and fight. It looked pretty dire for a good long while -- Heyyou and Silas were both hit by rays of enfeeblement early on -- but they managed to outlast the enemy casters' spell lists, and once their bosses had to flee, the rank and file decided not to stay and die, since the tide had indeed been turning even without that.

That let the party get back to where the earth-cart was hidden, and flee from the Mournlands at high speed, with both copies of the schema intact.

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