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I am not a food scientist

Monday, I was feeling kind of sick after gorging on leftover cheese and onions Sunday night from the sandwiches I'd made for my daily meal on Satuday, so I decided I'd just have oatmeal for lunch.

"Hey, I know! I can get the caffeine I need by using coffee instead of water in the oatmeal! I add sugar to both, so it should work well, right?"

Um... no. It was *horrible*. On the plus side, I was kind of sickened all day, and didn't eat any extra food.

Then, in a completely unrelated complaint, I just got out of two and a half hours of utterly useless meetings, a good portion of which were spent arguing over whether the tests Sergei wrote to test his feature were unit tests, acceptance tests, or some other as yet to be decided category of tests, which is apparently some sort of religious issue to some people. At least it distracted them from requiring us to write the tests for our own features, which (at least for the last year and a half in my case) have been porting upgrades to legacy code. Which is sort of a double whammy for being unsuitable for unit tests.

Not looking forward to writing the DFD, I can tell you that much. Oh, wait, I was supposed to write it before I started porting the code, wasn't I? 9.9
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