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I am full of delicious soup

I'm a little bored with WoW. By which I mean, I haven't played it in a week.

I'm not sure if I can really explain why... it sort of feels a lot more *sloppy* than City of Heroes. Which means almost exactly the opposite of what you'd think. Yeah, I think I should go with 'I can't really explain why'. It's better than EQ2, though.

Instead, I've been playing a claws/super reflexes stalker while chatting on 'Manse', reading email, and occasionally browsing the web. The screen is really cramped in windowed mode, but stalkers (when solo anyway) are good at 'oh, I need to go do something else, stand here and don't die'.

Also... well, someone a ways back told me that chewing on your hair is a sign of sexual frustration. I've been chewing on my hair a lot. In unrelated news, I've also been feeling a lot of sexual frustration. }:) Flirty online stuff doesn't really help... no, no, 'help' is definately not the word I'd use. 'Cause', maybe. c.c
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