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Do Not Siphon By Mouth

Friday night we had a session of Lazar's shadake game, in which we discovered certain important facts that we were supposedly supposed to ages ago, although if we had been supposed to, you'd think the GM might have mentioned certain things about the orb and company that turned out to be in a book we'd read at the time.


Anyway, we sort of know what we want to do next.

So, the party had made too much of a spectacle of itself, and decided to turn south to head for the maze and the cuendillar dome instead of continuing on to the Aiel Wastes. Thanks to the mules, it took several days to find the place, another day to find the entrance, and a couple hours to get the mules in through the entrance, since it involved turning them into snakes, and they only had four snake transformation armbands.

Then they realized that there was no way they were going to fit the mules through the flooded tunnels to get to the Cuendillar dome. So they locked them up in the old pottery shop behind lots of fire traps, and set out to go find the big chasm at a different corner of the maze, so that they could start siphoning out the water.

There was a *lot* of water, though, and the pipe they were siphoning through could only be as big as the trapdoor, so they decided to just make a boat and go inside without the mules anyway. Especially after talking to the crazy old man, who revealed that they weren't the only people who'd been sniffing around, by a long shot.

In the middle of the maze, they found a campsite, and set a trap to ambush... Zack? They didn't ambush Zack, and instead told him what they'd discovered about the globe. He'd been expecting them since he'd read their likely hiding places out of their dreams, and he had a ter'angreal that let them see a scene from the globe's past which was very revealing.

An old man was using the slinky and book to identify the cracks by seeing what changed when he twisted them with the pliers, then zotting the ones that he thought were evil with the balefire. Eventually, he got to one called 'The Church', but destroying it changed *everything*, swiping the balefire through all kinds of cracks, and...

"Oh crap," Fezzik said, "That's when we were created. The Church goes away whenever Kanwei's around, right? And when we zotted stuff ourselves, we started acquiring twins and sisters... we're, like, crack-babies."

...and split the old man into pieces -- crazy old maze man, crazy old beggar, and crazy AI from Ebou Dar were three they'd encountered that they could now recognize.

So, they decided that they'd take crazy maze guy with them, to help him recombine with his other pieces. Maybe once he was whole and sane, the person who'd broken the world would have some idea about how to put it back together.

Zack offered to put them on retainer for the mission. Fezzik nearly argued him out of paying them anything, but eventually decided to accept some cash in return for being allowed to quit any time he wanted.

Unfortunately, before they could set out, they got tired and had to sleep, and while they were asleep Sophia's ferret kept them from interfering with the Forsaken as she stole the orb and all the implements that went with it. There was some good that came from that, though -- first, they didn't die, and second, Fezzik was able to watch her cut a hole into the dream world to enter it physically, and thought he'd be able to replicate it (and was, in fact, able to use it to wake himself up, although not in time to get himself killed fighting her).

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