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We took a picture of the entire team recently, for our outgoing PUM's going away gift. Everyone gathered in the lobby, and then the cameraman came and told us all to go stand outside. So I did, and it was *freezing*, and most everyone was still standing in the lobby, and people were milling about and arguing, and it was *really cold*, and after about five minutes of there being no sign of them actually taking the picture any time soon, I went to get my coat.

By the time I walked back from my office, they'd taken the picture and everyone was dispersing. So I'm not in it. Whatever.

I still need to do my taxes, and make an appointment for regular maintenance for my car, and... is that all? Probably not.

I'm getting sick of WoW, so I tried to install Guild Wars, but the 'setup' program seemed to ignore the DVDs included with the box I bought, and instead looked like it was trying to pull down the entire game over the net... or at least, it started doing *something* related to connecting to 'Arena-Net' which was still at 0% progress after two hours. So I can't play Guild Wars, apparently, and it's software so of course I can't return it.

Lastly, Jurann, if you wanted to sit next to K'Sharra, it's not really any less insulting to make up some story about wanting to move to another row than to just ask to swap seats.
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