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And we didn't even stay that late.

Maybe I'd be less wiped out following spending a late night at work if I'd actually gotten some work done, but I'm not really in that part of the cycle. But we only stayed until, like, 9pm, which is barely staying late at all, and I've still felt like death warmed over all day.

It probably didn't help that I tried to switch my sleeping schedule an hour earlier just the week before daylight savings which effectively switched it another hour earlier... still, it's the day after these workaholics that I feel utterly wasted.

And it looks like I accidentally sync'd to 'project_checkpoint' instead of 'project-checkpoint', which made source depot delete my entire enlistment on one of my machines. Since I was about to rebuild anyway, this wouldn't be a big deal (my changes are fine), if it didn't take TWENTY MILLION HOURS to reenlist. I mean, I started it when I got into work, and it's still going.

Of course, my other other machine is still trying to chug through its overnight builds. Last I checked, 2:30 was not 'night'.

There are other possible factors:
(a) I'm getting a little tired of CoH again, and as previously noted I've stopped playing WoW, and I can't seem to install Guild Wars.
(b) PBEM has spent a week grinding through a long conversation where everyone in the game screams at my character while important government officials look on... and then start screaming at my character. This is just after he spent a huge chunk of xp buying up his stubbornness stat, which does not make him especially apologetic for various things he may or may not have done.
(b2) PBEM uses individual xp awards, which makes me consciously suppress jealousy every time anyone else gets experience for anything. Especially when we're grinding through a long conversation that doesn't allow for many awards because nothing is really happening.
(d) What's up with the weather? It was looking so nice...
(e) So lonely... O.O
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