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Petite Princess Yucie: Good.
Pheonix Wright Ace Detective: Much sillier than it has any right to be.
Pokemon Ranger: Easy.
Factoria Mall: Wow, it really doesn't have any good stores, unless you count Target. Which I don't.

Er, that is, I've been watching a lot of Petite Princess Yucie lately. Picked up the box set at Fry's last week. That has nothing to do with the other bullets, which were all the result of taking my car in for maintenance. I walked to the Factoria Mall, and got really bored, so I bought a DS and a couple games.

The main annoyance so far, aside from the really short battery life (only about four hours?) that I hope is because it wasn't totally charged to begin with, is that there's nowhere on the unit to put the stylus, which is necessary for most games. I'm going to lose it, I just know it.
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