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Shopping and stuff

Had a session of Eric's D+D game today. It mostly degenerated into a big shopping trip, because Shawn's kids clogged up the toilet, and the ensuing... disturbance made us quit a little early.

The trip back from White Hearth was dissapointingly uneventful, but they did get just enough xp to achieve 4th level from the ambush, so... oh well. In the Ruukan Draal, they met the lady who'd hired them at the place she said she'd be, somewhat to their surprise, and got paid, also somewhat to their surprise. When they told her about the extra copy of the schema and the admantium disk, she offered more money back in Sharn for those and for escorting her. Since they wouldn't be allowed to sell the extras to anyone else under threat of being blackballed, they decided to accept that offer.

Of course, on the way to the docks she was ambushed by a bunch of warforged serving the Lord of Blades. Zeffy took the leader out of the fight with Tasha's Hideous Laughter in the first round, then nearly got killed by a single blow from one of his underlings when she tried to interpose herself between them and the lady, while the actual fighters of the group spent a few rounds finishing off the leader before the spell ran out. She stayed up with 1 hp left, though, and the enemies didn't manage to get another hit in on anyone for the rest of the fight.

Then they went back to Sharn by boat, and didn't get to fight anything else on the way, despite Zeffy's insistance on singing Kraken summoning songs at the ocean the whole way.

And then... they shopped! It was a mighty, multi-day shopping trip, because Efneisen really wanted a Wand of Silence but couldn't afford a fully charged one. He ended up finding one with one charge... doh.

Anyway, after a few days, they received a suspicious message telling them to hurry quickly to a random tower they'd never heard of with all their gear -- obviously, a trap, where they'd be assassinated. Still, they had to meet their horrible death sometime, so why not now?

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We also got the girl scout cookies Tom's kid sold us. The 'sugar free' brownies... well... they were kind of disappointing. By which I mean:
  • They were very very tiny, less than half the size of any other cookie.
  • Two of them had about the same number of calories as a tagalong, the most luxurious cookie, which they were being directly compared to.
  • They tasted awful.
  • No, I mean *really* awful, like dog biscuits.
  • Further investigation revealed that they had the *same* nutritional stats as the much larger and not-dog-biscuit-like thin mints. And I don't mean at a two-to-one ratio like the tagalongs.
So, er, yeah. It's probably too late to tell people not to buy them. But my god, they're awful. I got a box, ate, like, three, and I think I'm throwing the rest away.
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