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Well, I filed my taxes like a week ago, but I finally got around to printing out the forms and crap and figuring out how much estimated tax I need to pay. Less this year than last year, at least. Maybe next year it'll be none at all -- the threshhold is $1000 and it's like $1200, so...

While I was navigating through annoying websites, I decided to go ahead and cancel WoW since I hadn't played it in almost a month. Apparently, I got in just before they would have renewed it for another month, too, so just in time! As a reason for leaving, I put 'game is boring'. I probably should have taken the time to find 'characters walk too slowly' -- that has to be one of the standard answers -- but I really don't care.

Oh man, I feel like crap today. Tonight. Well, but I felt like crap for most of the day, too. Especially the three or four times I was on the toilet, crapping. Four. And I kind of feel like I might need to go again, only I'm pretty sure that no, I won't be able to until the middle of the night around 4am -- like last night. Which is probably why I feel like crap. Stupid indian food.
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