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I should never have bought that bag of chips.

I was feeling pretty low one night walking home from work, and somehow decided it would be a good idea to buy a big bag of chips and some salsa. The cheapest chips per pound was this huge 2-pound bag of them, and the salsa was right next to some guacamole... and I love guacamole. Although that might be past-tense now.

So I gorged on chips and salsa and guac, and felt really sick the next day, but still had about 3/4th of the bag left.

Thursday, I had a few more chips with the rest of the guac... still half a bag left. I was so sick to my stomach thursday night...

Saturday, I decided I'd get rid of the chips for good -- I bought some cheese and more salsa, and made nachos! Unfortunately, I also got more guacamole and... yeah. That ended badly. I was waking up all night running to the bathroom, and burping up guacamole-smelling acid that kept making me cough. And I *still* had half a pound of chips left.

So... Sunday... I decided I'd throw them away. But instead, I ended up eating them. Guess how I felt Sunday night? And how I still feel now?

Not to mention that two pounds of chips somehow made me gain five pounds. Hopefully, being violently ill will help me eat less this week, and NEVER EVER EVER buy chips again.
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