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Guild Wars?

Well, the Cable's still working. Yay!

And with Cable installed, (a) my lagging-out-on-teams problem in City of Heroes seems to have went away (Yay!) although the framerate problems didn't (boo!), and (b) the Guild Wars installation actually worked.

So I played some Guild Wars. I made a Mesmer/Necromancer because... um... the mesmer looked pretty? And then I decided I wanted a pet?

It seems like a decently fun single-player game so far, and the LFT system is MILES better than WoW's -- you get a list of groups looking for more and you can (gasp!) PICK one. Although I generally didn't, because my character is pathetically weak and I haven't even figured out what combination of skills and attributes is worth anything.

And what the heck is a 'skill point'? I got one from a quest but I have no idea what it does.
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