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I hate the phone...

...and now that I'm not on dialup all the time it's constantly ringing. People keep saying things, garbled things that I can't make out, then if I pick up (I did eventually because I was getting freaked out) they give this perfectly professional 'hi I'm a telemarketer' style intro and then hang up. THEY hung up, before I could.

Anyway, the Shadake game was cancelled last night, so I went to see the Aqua Teen movie instead. It was pretty cool -- everyone there had a good time, at least. Don't see the movie unless you've watched all the episodes, though, because it wasn't any higher quality, just longer. It wasn't 'one episode stretched to an unreasonable and unfunny length' like I saw some critics say, though. It was more like six episodes back to back, and not all of them were equally good.

Overall, though, it was a lot of fun.

Also, still reading the Golden Age trilogy by whatsisname, which is neat. The main character's major flaw is overconfidence, and time and time again he'll go off on some scheme convinced that he's right even though everyone else tells him he's insane, and then it'll turn out they were all correct. >:P And yet -- if he *hadn't* gone off on those schemes, he would have lost everything. Which is cool.

There's also a lot of philosophy and stuff. I never thought I'd see posthuman republicans... but this book has posthuman *Ayn Rand*. YEEG! I mean, not literally, but her philosophy, complete with A=A.

And, as someone said describing another book entirely, the author manages to beleivably portray a bunch of supergeniouses continuously outwitting each other.
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