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Party like it's 2006?

Yesterday, after the meet, I went over to Kitsunetaur's place -- a new new new place, since they were kicked out of the old new new place -- where all of the supposedly-gay furries were hitting on Galay. Er, I mean, where we played magic the gathering.

It's still fun. But I still have no particular inclination to build more decks, so I'm not going to buy any more cards. Yes, I do have the urge to buy more cards.

So, *some* cuddling, which makes it better than the last few months, and playing magic beats sitting around watching TV any day, although that's not saying much. I don't care how big your TV is (and Kits has a giant projector he scavenged from Legend's discard pile), Stargate SG-1 is still Stargate SG-1.

Er, I also figured out why I was getting *utterly slaughtered* in post-searing Guild Wars -- I didn't realize you could buy the crafting materials you needed to craft a set of post-searing armor. Going from 7 armor per piece to 30 armor per piece made all the difference. That and giving up on Illusion and Blood (which is what all the guides suggested using) and going to Domination/Inspiration/Death/Curses.

I was amused by looking at the class abbreviation for my GW characters, though -- there's the Me/N, the E/Mo, and the... well, okay, W/R isn't very interesting. Although I do like saying 'Whirrrrr'.
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