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Friday night we had a session of the Wheel of Time themed Shadake game. Dinner was kind of silly... we ended up going to three different restaurants before everyone had food, so by the time we got back to actually eat the food from the first restaurant was cold, and everyone had finished their frappachinos...

The dream world was... not useful, trapping the party in the basement of the black tower. The m'hael tried to open portals to similar worlds that weren't tel'aran'rhiod proper, and succeeded, but not in a useful fashion. In the process of testing this, Fezzik did manage to snatch back the other 3/5ths of the globe, though, and glue them together with solid air (as a temporary measure).

They left in the cargo elevator, sent a message to Hideo to meet them in the nearby town of Edmond's Field, and then had Gwen escort them there so they'd still have transportation the whole way.

Then they spent a few hours sitting around in the only inn, waiting for Hideo to show.

The reason to meet with Hideo was to copy their ter'angreal, of course, particularly the dull knives that seemed to be the key to fixing the pattern. They needed to hire him for something, though, so they hired him to go spy on Pedron Niall to find out why he was so obsessed with Cairhein.

"That's all? Just spy? You don't want me to rub him out?" "Well, if you'd kill him in this specific fashion, sure..." Of course,that was really expensive, but Hariin was happy to cheat him by claiming to give him the only copy of the massive credit-counterfeiting program (that was a huge emerald in the base reality) while actually keeping a copy for himself.

So, now they needed to get one of the knives back to the M'hael. Fortunately, Fezzik had spent the hours trapped in the diner experimenting with ter'angreal, and had found one that would teleport them about 100 yards at a time, fast enough for an overall speed of about 40 mph. So, they vooped back to the Black Tower, and were intercepted by Ashaman, but actually had legitimate business, so that wasn't a problem.

Unfortunately, the M'hael remembered wanting to do certain experiments, but those experiments weren't possible in the base reality because magic didn't work that way. He and Fezzik wasted some time playing around with sort-of-relevant weaves... until the M'hael went to take a potty break and Grendel showed up.

"Um... why aren't I dead?" Fezzik asked. The answer was because she thought he'd eventually go to the dark side, she claimed, and because she wanted him to use the last of the three gates to get the missing tools that would let 'someone' fully utilize the orb to bend reality to their will, he figured. They chatted for a while, and she made threats so subtle that he didn't pick up on them (although he assumed the threats even without thinking he was hearing them, so it was all good), and he was tricked into giving away too much, and... blah.

"Grendel wants us to go to Rhuidian and use the last gate to get the tools we need to fix things," Fezzik told the others, "Probably so that she can then steal them from us. Oh, and she's probably listening to us right now. Hi Grendel!"

They had other reasons that they felt forced to go to Rhuidian, though, so it seemed likely that that's where they'd actually head, even if Grendel wanted it.

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