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Life is War?

So, the E/Mo turned out to be the most fun character of the three I made in Guild Wars, because of massive AoE damage. Not getting a whole lot from the /Mo half, though -- nothing I couldn't get more easily and better from /N, really. except that Heal Area is kind of relevant on a PvP team (Resurrect isn't, since Resurrection Signet works *so* much better). Oh, and Mending is a maintained enchantment, to satisfy my 'only when enchanted' items. Although there's a E/ power or two that can do that slightly less conveniently.

Of course, I hit another wall as soon as I did the Nolani Academy quest and got tosseed straight to Yak's Bend. Suddenly, walking around with just the fighter henchman for company isn't working so well, because he runs off and aggro's everything, and the enemies cancel my Mending enchantments and then we both die. Yay! Maybe it's time to try AoE proper instead of PbAoE?

Aside from that, I'm trying to work on a few new theme magic decks, and running into some trouble related to staying on theme and including certain cards while actually making a deck that you can play. It takes hours and hours and hours to make magic decks... after the disaster with the first one, I think I'm going to end up recycling a couple of my current ones and just saying they're on theme.
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