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Loot! And pokemon.

I started getting a little tired of guild wars, so I've been playing Cinnamon in CoH, trying to get her up to 40 so that I can finally see the damn Shadow Shard. And WHAM! I9 hits!

It looks like basically nothing got into I9 except for the inventions system (well, and some revisions to the ultra-high-end level-50-only content) but that's a pretty big change -- now you get 'recipes' and 'invention salvage' and... I'm sure if you care you already know the details. But level 25 common IOs are already as good as SOs, and it just goes up from there, and I seem to be getting common IO recipes at the rate of about 1 per hour, and the salvage for them is relatively cheap compared to what you can get selling the salvage for the set IOs.

I wouldn't be surprised if level 40 characters levelled up from the start in I9 and later were outfitted entirely with IOs. Some of them would be 'obsolete', but they never actually expire...

Oh, right, also, pokemon! Pokemon Pearl is out (well, and diamond) and... curses! No! They still have berries! The same berries that made me hate life and eventually quit playing pokemon ruby! The berry finder is a blessing and a curse, because while it lets me more quickly run around obsessively picking and replanting all the berries in the world, it continuously reminds me of any berries anywhere in the world that I was too lazy to go pick.

So instead I try to keep the poketch on some other app, like pokemon status so that I can tell when Slappy picked up another Revive or Ultra Ball. Only, the berry finder also shows you where on the world map you are, which is a very tempting thing to keep track of, even if you're trying to tell yourself that you don't CARE if there are 20 or 30 berry plants waiting to be picked halfway across the island...
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