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Killing Spree!

For some value of 'killing', anyway. We had a session of the Shadake game last night, in which the party was drafted to help Magneto with a plan, which had several glaring flaws, none of which were the party's fault, although maybe they could have anticipated them.

The first flaw was that Lucretia had invited herself along. This one kind of was the party's fault, Sophia's specifically. It turned out not to matter, at least during the battle itself.

The second flaw was the way they opened the gate into the tower, for the attack -- Nightcrawler teleported there, and someone else used a mutant ability to freeze him in place. What people didn't realize was that he teleported through the Ways, and now there were two gates frozen open into the Ways, which just looked like a featureless black void. Fezzik made a tunnel of air so that people could actually walk through to the other portal, and then Magneto's army rushed through to attack!

To find their targets -- Trask who made the sentinels, and Dr. Doom who was really Pedron Niall -- Kanwei used his multiple-man powers to replicate himself two thousand times, and sent the army of hims streaming out in all directions. He found Dr. Doom first -- they could tell because about 500 of him suddenly vanished.

So they headed that way, to attack Dr. Doom, who was flying in the middle of the room fighting off a swarm of mutants. The plan was to open a portal behind him, push him through somehow, and then stab him with the knife-window combo... opening the portal was straightforward, but the first few things they tried to push him through with didn't work, although they did take down his shield...

Eventually, though, they *did* get him through, and then he was confused (because he was in the 'user world', since this was Tron in addition to being superheroes and cyberpunk) and easy prey for one of Kanwei to stab him. FOOSH! No more whitecloaks! Well, okay, there were still whitecloaks, but they didn't call themselves that, and weren't really very militant, although they'd still been harassing Fezzik all his life.

Before they could celebrate their victory, however, the disturbing nightmarish noise they'd been hearing ever since going through the portal revealed itself to be Machin Shin, the creature of pure insanity that usually haunted the ways. Apparently, the frozen portal let it escape from there, and now it was flying around the room sending out tentacles to kill and absorb random extras.

They tried to get rid of it the same way they'd gotten rid of Doom -- Sophia opened a portal behind it, and Fezzik tried to push it through... but it was a LOT more skillful than Dr. Doom, and was able to use the backblast from Fezzik's wind to swoop up on top of him and drive him insane [with a critical dodge]. Fezzik shrieked, but luckily the form his insanity took was 'flee in terror', so he balefired the floor(s) beneath him and was instantly at the bottom of a deep pit -- balefire destroys things in the past, so he'd already fallen, and survived because of the rather thick layer of solid air armor he was wearing.

Hariin got the splash of insanity, and even though he wasn't touched by Machin Shin per se, still decided to flee in terror. Kanwei tried to stab the experimental tendrils the monster had sent through the portal, but while the dagger fizzled out as if it had hit something, Machin Shin was still around -- it was a hive mind of all the people it had absorbed, and the daggers could only kill one at a time.

Luckily, Sophia somehow knew a banishing spell, and by pushing her mana and stuff managed to send Machin Shin back to the ways. Fezzik eventually calmed down enough to try to heal his sanity, and, although he had no idea afterwards how he'd done it, managed the feat. Apparently, inventing new power stunts was easier when you were a superhero?

So, Machin Shin was gone, for now, but the portal was still wedged open behind them... they ran to it, and Fezzik tried to improvise a way to speed Nightcrawler back up before Machin Shin came back. He succeeded... but in the process, both he and (although he didn't know it) Nightcrawler were tossed into the ways. Fezzik got out by opening a portal to a random other reality -- which by an unreasonable stroke of luck happened to be the user world -- but no one ever knew what happened to Nightcrawler.

The rest of the party went to find Trask, who was 'hanging out in his swimming pool', according to the result of the telegraph game between Kanwei's clones. There, they found that the entire top of the building was gone, crushed by Magneto, but there were still five super sentinels around, Trask with rotating squares as a shield, and Sark's gigantic ship closing in fast.

Kanwei and Hariin went to work distracting, possessing, and killing the sentinels, while Sophia -- and Fezzik, who at about that point fell out of the sky, having neuralized the people in the user world to force them to take him to their laser emitter -- took care of Trask. Magneto was occupied fighting Sark's ship, which started firing giant lasers at him.

Fezzik opened a portal diagonally behind Trask, so that there was enough of a cross section for him to be pushed through, but it would also swallow up his rotating shields and leave him vulnerable... and then Sophia tackled him and pushed him through. Kanwei spared a half dozen clones to stab him, and then POOF! No more superheroes! Also, about half the giant cracks were closed now.

This was unfortunate for Magneto, who went from being the most powerful mutant in the world, single-handedly flying around and ripping chunks off Sark's ship, to being an ordinary Tron program plummeting at high speed towards certain doom. Fezzik was able to save him, though, by creating a funnel-like slide underneath him to catch him and gradually dissipate his momentum, although he still rolled around a lot, and it wasn't clear how badly he was hurt, because they had bigger problems.

Lucretia -- who'd been timeported by Trask early on, apparently, which is why she hadn't been meddling in the other fights -- reappeared and opened a door to let them onto Sark's ship, which was badly damaged and disintegrating (again). Fezzik disguised themselves as military programs, and they rushed for the bridge!

Lots of programs were running around making reports, so they were able to get right up to Sark and open a portal... but he was smarter than Trask and Doom, and recognized the user world, and wanted no part of it. Still, it was four (Kanwei no longer had dozens of clones) on one, and with the ship in motion the portals they opened were effectively projectiles, so eventually they were bound to get lucky. A portal swept over him, Kanwei stabbed him through the window, and no more TRON.

Which meant no more ship. AAAAAHHHHHHH! *CRUNCH* Fezzik had put the thick air armor on everybody, though, so they survived the fall unharmed. Well, he hadn't put it on Lucretia -- but there was no sign of her anyway, so apparently she'd escaped -- and Hariin had wings, of course.

All the cracks seemed to be gone. Had they won? They needed to go back to the military base to find out... but first they had a run in with Hideo, who was insulted that they'd done the job they'd hired him for for him. "Sorry, events ran away with us." Perhaps suspecting that a knife-window combo might be in his future -- they had no plans for that, but it was unclear whether reality-altering people could be allowed to exist in the world at all without making more cracks -- he told them he was going far far away, but not where, exactly, he was going.

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