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Stumbling towards Destiny

Friday night we had a session of the wheel of time themed Shadake game. The party appears to have grudgingly come closer to the conclusion by doing what everyone's been trying to tell, suggest, or force them to do for a while now.

Namely, use the gates some more.

They headed to MIB HQ to ask about the status of the cracks, and discovered that their killing spree had only taken out about a third of them. Worse, with the removal of Pedron Niall and the others, the remaining reality distortions had gotten larger (not the cracks, the auras of unreality). New estimate to doomsday: 5-14 days (up from 3-8).

After arguing about it for a while, they eventually decided that they needed a way to close cracks without killing people, and to prevent new cracks from forming around the people with reality distortion fields that they didn't want to kill (chiefly, themselves). One of them, Kanwei, hadn't yet been through the gate that answered questions, and they needed to give back the ter'angreal that they'd carelessly stolen from the white tower anyway.

So, through the dreamworld to the white tower's vault. Since they didn't understand the catalogue, they just put things back randomly, and Fezzik decided to test some ter'angreal-copies while Kanwei was inside the Gate of Wisdom asking about stuff. He found a 'bucket' that, when placed on one's head, allowed one to fly very very fast, an egg timer that let you change into all sorts of shapes for 3 minutes after activating it, and a device that randomly teleported you into dangerous situations. Like, say, the Ameryllion Seat's chambers during a meeting of the entire Aes Sedai council.

"Um... sorry!" Fezzik said, using his powerful Angreal (stolen from the Aes Sedai vault, although they'd made copies and put one back) to throw off one hasty witch's shielding spell, then activating the device again. The second time he found himself far, far underwater, and dropped the device before he could open a portal to the dreamworld. In the dreamworld, he was still underwater and drowning, but he could go whereever he wanted just by thinking about it, so he went back to the vault.

Figuring that the riled-up Aes Sedai might think to check the vault (one of the Browns probably recognized the device he was holding), he and Sophia and Hariin hung out in the dreamworld the rest of the time to wait for Kanwei, and quickly snatched him into the dreamworld as soon as he came out the gate, then fled.

"Apparently, the answer to all three questions is that we need an 'Axiom Extractor'," Kanwei said, "So I guess we go to Rhuidian?"

So they went to Rhuidian, and were immediately zapped by a powerful compulsion spell, that made Kanwei and Hariin walk through the Gate of Wealth. Fezzik and Sophia managed to resist it, and Fezzik cut the weave, although it was FAR more difficult to cut than a tied off weave had any business being. Obviously Grendel's work, even before her booming voice claimed credit for it, and spouted nonsense: "There, I've helped you. Next time I see you, you die."

Since this whole thing happened in the dreamworld, and since they were expecting to have a shot at getting the jump on Grendel while she was in the dreamworld in Rhuidian 'when you again see a single moon', they set some firetraps in the dreamworld and then went to the real world to wait, looking through their dream-windows.

But just as Kanwei and Hariin were finally coming out of the Gate, a spell in the real world from one of the half-completed towers of Rhuidian snatched the Orb from Fezzik's possession -- it was Grendel, attacking them!

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Mostly, though, we just sat around socializing... it wasn't a very focused session.
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