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Axiom Shuffle

Friday night we finished up the WoT-themed shadake game, with a game of Magic the Gathering. Which Keith flatly refused to participate in, demonstrating why he's Murdock's friend.

So, Grendel snatched the orb out of Fezzik's possession... he tried to keep her from getting the whole thing by summoning a portal to the dreamworld (to also let Hariin and Kanwei out) where it would cut the orb in half, but he badly botched the spell and she got the whole thing... well, except for the piece already sliced off, which embedded itself in a wall nearby.

Sophia and Fezzik tried to blast her with fire and balefire, but she 'blocked' the attacks with portals. Hariin opened a portal behind her, Kanwei blinded her with illusions, and Sophia used balefire to bring down the tower she was in... none of which mattered, because she wasn't interested in a conventional fight. Instead, once the orb was in her grasp, she twisted reality, and they were all sitting around a lunchroom table playing cards.

The Orb of the Weave was... well, it was two cards, one in play under Grendel's control, the other under Fezzik's (he'd run and gotten the shard before reality twisted). Sophia refused to face Grendel in such a fashion, but the other three realized that the dull dagger and dream window combo was in each of their decks, and maybe if they could use it on her in the game, it would have a real effect?

Early on, Grendel (who was playing a storm/dragon deck with many cheating cards and moxes and lotuses) made everyone draw fifteen cards -- normally, a good move, since she had an unlimited hand size (thanks to one of her cheating cards) and they didn't -- but it let Kanwei find both pieces of the combo and get them into play. Now all they needed to do was get her down to one life...

Which took some doing, but it was three on one, so they managed to do it without her getting a chance to kill any of them... and as Kanwei tapped the dull knife card, the cops suddenly came and arrested Grendel, taking her away. They stole are her cards, and hurried out of Rhuidian, hoping to leave the hopefully limited area effect of whatever she'd done to the orb so that they could use the orb to undo it -- which wasn't really possible while the orb was still a card. Two cards.

And they *did* manage to get away, and it turned out that Hariin had gotten the axiom extractor, which basically just had to touch the victim while the person holding it also held the orb, and their 'axiom' would be put back in the orb. So it was back to MIB HQ to find all the axioms to extract.

Apparenty, somewhat to their surprise, Grendel was really gone -- being arrested by the cops in the MtG lunchroom had translated into being put back in the orb in the rest of the world. More suprisingly, her axiom had been the personification of evil as the Dark One -- there was no Dark One anymore, just bad people, and the Dragon Reborn had broken the world in a general crusade to rid the world of evil in abstract.

With both the whitecloaks and the dark one gone, there was no organized force to stop them from teleporting around and extracting the rest of the axioms, to put the world back to... well, not back to normal, exactly, since they had the orb of the weave and could change things if they wanted. This made tiny cracks, but those cracks were erased as soon as they extracted the next axiom, so they were able to make whatever changes they wanted freely. They left the ordinary means of transportation as airships because airships were cool, and made it so that the 'one power' was usable by everybody, and...

GM: "You just turned the game into Final Fantasy, didn't you?"
Me: "Well... I didn't *actually* turn all horses into chocobo, I was just thinking about it. But Kanwei would make a pretty cute moogle."
Murdock: "NO!"

last session | next session, different campaign

So that was the end of the game, basically. Snowwy's going to be gone for the next few weeks, so the plan is to have keith run a short dungeon crawl in D+D so that Lazar can try it out and see if he likes it -- I'm pretty sure Murdock doesn't like it much, but he seemed okay with a short game.

Afterwards... we're not sure. One idea that was floated (after people asked for the presence of magic and Victorian-era tech) was playing in the world of the Golden Compass, which could be interesting. I'm not really sure how to balance daemons, though... some are a lot more useful than others, especially kids' who can change shape at will.
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