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No as think as you...

Well, one of the dietary pseudo-scientific recommendations floating around says that you should drink a little alcohol every day, especially wine, to prevent heart disease. So, I got a big 5-liter box of wine to try to start doing that.

Day 1: Drank 1 cup with some cheese. Drank another cup with a little more cheese a few hours later. Never got drunk, but got horribly hung over.
Day 2: Drank 2 cups with cheese, then drank a bunch of water. Got fairly drunk and avoided any hangover. Success!
Day 3: Out of cheese. Drank 2 cups of wine, then a bunch of water. OMG, so wasted... hey, COH plays just fine when you're drunk, apparently. Heeheehee. Heeheeheeheehee. Oog, can't sleep, can't get comfortable. Why do I still feel drunk, it's been hours? I'll just read a little until I get tired... wow, is it 6am already? Heehee. Heeheehee. Heeheeheeheeheeheeheeheeheeheehee...

Er... yeah. Somehow, I managed to go from 'slightly drunk' to 'slightly hung over' to 'massively sleep deprived' without any gaps in between, and they all feel kind of the same. Note to self: Don't drink so much if it's not with food, dumbass.

The good news is, the one time I 'drove drunk' (when I still felt a little odd four hours after having one drink, and didn't notice 'till I was halfway back to work) was probably actually me driving slightly hung over instead. Not any less impairing, but a lot more legal.

I'm not changing my 'never ever drive after having any alcohol that day' rule, though.

I think I might end up pouring the rest of it down the sink. x.x
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