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A Poor Plan

Today we had a session of Eric's Eberron campaign, in which our attempts to locate the vampire on board the ship came to a sudden end, due to an NPC's extremely stupid plan. Eric swore it came straight from the module, and promised to cut out the rest of the chase scenes.

So, off-camera, the party spent two days trying to find the vampire on the ship, to no avail. The evening of the second day, they were suddenly attacked by pirates who came out of nowhere on little boats.

GM: "It was an easy spot check."

Me: "I don't care that I rolled a 4, how the hell did I miss the thirty-foot long landing craft that only moves 30 feet a round that docked right at my feet?"

GM: "Well... okay, you guys all had a round to prepare, so you're not flat-footed."

So, 12 pirates flooded onto the ship, 6 circled on their yacht taking potshots with arrows, and 6 were bottled up at the nose by Zeffy and Heyyou. While Efneisen and Silas fought hand to hand alongside the crew, and Ludwig begged for his life, Heyyou bull-rushed the landing craft, tossing the pirates off the back of their own boat. Zeffy greased the rails that a few of them were hanging onto for dear life, and then the two of them finished off the survivors and claimed it as their own.

By then, Silas had killed most of the pirates near him, and rescued Ludwig, who told them that his captors were looking for the vampire. "They're on our side!"

Then the vampire appeared, floating out from inside the hull in gaseos form! The pirates continued attacking the party, mostly, despite their claims of vampire-hating, while Silas and Efneisen started fighting the vampire. Then, for some reason, the pirate's main ship rammed, destroying both ships by breaking their elemental rings. You know, the things holding them in the air.

The party mostly managed to pile onto Zeffy and Heyyou's raft, except for Efneisen who dived off the side after the vampire. When the vampire went bat-form, Efneisen drank his potion of feather fall. Aside from a couple crewmembers who also had potions, or who grabbed the rope Heyyou lowered, both ships were lost with all hands.

Me: "What the heck was he thinking? He destroyed both airships to try to kill a vampire... who can fly... and the vampire-killing pirate crew that boarded didn't even have anything useful against vampires. Seriously, did he think about this at ALL? Doesn't anyone in this whole world know about vampires?"

At any rate, the party was able to loot the remains of the boat and find a little gold, one magic item, and their letter of credit. And there was one obvious place that the vampire probably went -- a pyramid, off in the distance, in what was otherwise a heck of a lot of wilderness.

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