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Etrian trudge

So, I decided to give up on PQ (I finally got to the main boss fight, lost a couple times, and decided I really didn't want to play this anymore, since I'd seen the whole game anyway) and started Etrian Oddysey. Which is a very old-school dungeon crawl, in all the bad ways as well as the arguably good ones.

The first time I went down into the dungeon it was ludicrously difficult, but after a few levels I got to the point where my characters could usually survive a reasonable series of fights against the enemies on the first couple levels...

...but you can't flee from enemy encounters in the game. I mean, there's a 'flee' option, but it works maybe one time in ten. So if anyone in the party dies to an unlucky sequence of events (say, your healer goes before the enemies on round one and they all attack the same person, then after the enemies on round two) you enter an inescapable death spiral that makes it impossible to get out of the dungeon alive.

Oh, you can buy some 'repel' equivalent to cut down on encounters while you try to flee... for 200 gold. Which is four or five trips into the dungeon, after you deduct the ever-inflating cost of resting at the inn. At lower levels I made more money, but the enemies stop dropping loot when you outlevel them. They don't stop hurting your guys and making you waste TP healing as you walk past the outlevelled areas, though.

Worse, the second level of the dungeon is extremely winding and linear, and I'm basically to a point where I can get to spot X, assuming no unlucky deaths dooming the expedition, at about the same time as I run out of TP for everyone. Then I have to turn back, and maybe I'll make it out alive. There's nothing interesting or useful between the entrance and spot X that I haven't already looted, though.

Well, there are a couple 'ragelope' FOEs (FOE stands for Fucking Overpowered Enemy) that I've been avoiding because they wipe the entire party from full health. I'm pretty sure they're just guarding useless dead ends anyway, though.

I'm guessing that by this point I'm supposed to have something like the 'repel' skill that's mocking me from four or five levels down in the skill tree for a couple of my characters, or the 'flee' skill my protector could take next level which claims that it sends you all the way up to the next level when you use it. If I started over I could have them by this level, although of course that would be at the expense of skills actually useful for fighting...
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