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Pain in the butt!

We had to work late last night, but at they provided dinner right? Mexican food! It *tasted* good, but I was up all night on the toilet, dr-- let's just say I didn't get any sleep, between trips to the bathroom, abdominal discomfort, and SEARING PAIN ALL OVER MY BODY from what was in retrospect a poorly conceived plan to solve the situation.

Now that it's morning... now that it's afternoon somehow, I still feel like crap(ping) and in addition I'm exhausted. I don't want to die, but I do want to disembowel myself and install some sort of fusion generator.

On the plus side, I got past the part of Etrian Odyssey that was giving me trouble, and had time to waste hours (on the toilet) trying to figure out the pattern behind the Stalker on the third floor (a series of unfortunate coincidences made it turn purple on the same squares a few times) before just saying 'screw it' and running past, which worked (to my surprise).

Then I got two more rooms and NPCs told me I had to walk all the way back to town to get permission to go through the door they were guarding. x.x
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