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I stubbed my toe!

And I think it might be broken or something, 'cause it hurts like hell if I put any pressure on it. Although I can sit there and flex it and it's okay, which is weird.

It's my little toe, so I can walk around fine... but I can't put on my shoes (just sitting there with shoes on puts too much pressure on it), so I can't actually go anywhere.


EDIT: I called the 'consulting nurse' from GHC, and they said it was probably broken, but that since it's my little toe and not changing weird colors or anything there really wasn't much worth doing other than putting ice on it and trying to stay off it. *sigh*

EDIT 2: I can walk around fine... barefoot. I can put on my old old shoes that I never got around to throwing out, that are a little looser. But it's really hard to walk in them because the reason I was throwing them out is that the soles are all unevenly worn and tend to make me put all my pressure on my little toes. x.x So I end up limping and hopping and stuff and still occasionally *yowch*ing.

At least work doesn't have a dress code, so I can take my shoes off once I get there.
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