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Sunday we had a short session of Eric's Eberron campaign. Tom had to leave early for Father's Day.

So, to the pyramid! It was the only landmark for miles around, so hopefully the vampire had fled there to get out of the sun. The party took the skiff, which was faster than walking and also let them fly over the lake, and cautiously made their way inside.


The party drew weapons and attacked the darkness! Or at least, advanced into the room failing spot checks every round, until Zeffy made a good enough listen check to target a Glitterdust and reveal the cloaker hiding near the ceiling.

So it stopped moaning and attacked, engulfing Silas! The rest of the party peppered it with assorted attacks, getting rid of most of its mirror images, and then Silas managed to break loose on his own. The cloaker responded with a fearsome roar that sent Heyyou and Ludwig running for the lake, and all Zeffy could hit were images, so Silas ended up doing all the damage to take the thing out.

Efneisien was horrified that Silas had killed the carnivorous abberation that attacked them first. "You monster! How could you kill it? It was just guarding its territory, like a pet dog."

Zeffy: "Like a *vampire's* pet dog."

At any rate, they continued in, and faced off against several rooms full of jackal-headed-armor-wearing psionic warriors with staff weapons that shot plasma bolts. They weren't much of a threat, although the bolts stung pretty badly and their AC was good. Zeffy sang her best bard song, and after missing constantly with her bow in the first room, charged in with a sword in the second and got a couple lucky hits.

The party couldn't figure out how to activate the staff weapons or breastplates (also obviously magical... sorry, 'psionic') but they decided to pile them all in the skiff, because surely they were worth a lot of money to someone.

Then they headed back in, and --

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-- and we had to stop because Tom was leaving, and it was going to be the final battle of this adventure, and Eric didn't want to try to run it without everyone present. We're not really sure how long it's going to be until we can possibly get everyone present to do it, though -- that's a tall order for this group.
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