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Double XP report

It was double xp weekend in city of heroes, so I spent most of it trying to get Cinnamon from 42 to 50. I didn't succeed. I DID manage to get her from 42.2 to 45.8, meaning I missed all the 40-45 content and still can't make a kheldian.

Of course, it looks like the content I missed was mostly malta and knives of artemis. The knives aren't bad except for the bosses (that perma-stun you twice over), but the malta ALL have mez -- every last one of them. Well, except for the giant robots, those are kittens. But all the random minions run up and taser you, immune to slow and knockdown. Except for the sapper, who stuns you at range. Oh, and the lieutenants also stun you at range, for a VERY LONG TIME.

So the malta mission was kind of a fiasco. So was a Rikti mission that people set to invincible and then tried to herd... without a tank in the group... after those, I had to go solo for a while to work off debt -- I did a few missions against Rularuu in the shadow shard.

Yes, I'm stupid, but I didn't die that much. Rularuu don't *all* mez; they're nothing like malta.

Most of the actual XP gain came from farming an outdoor mission full of huge groups of 'crazed', which were basically level 46 hellions.

I also bought Cinnamon even more set IOs. Full sets of essence of curare (they fixed it) for freezing touch and char, the last piece of tempered readiness for shiver -- lots of ranged defense. Titanium coating for fire shield to cut down on the end drain, with the 30% mez resist IO from some other random set that cost *7.5 million* -- and that was a bargain compared to what some people were paying.

Oh, and three piece of Positron's Blast for Fireball -- eventually I want 5 or 6 posis in there for the recharge set bonus.

I also got a couple levels with City Fox running with a LJ team... there aren't many LJers on Protector, so all the Cinnamon stuff was with PUGs.
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