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So, I spent the weekend driving down to Tarka and Darius's place in Portland for a barbecue. I do that every so often, when I've forgotten how much that drive sucks. x.x Actually, the drive down wasn't that bad -- three and a half hours, even though I spent most of it going 80, and it was supposed to only be three hours and nine minutes going 60. Getting to and from the freeway takes up a lot of time, I guess?

The party itself was a lot like the parties I sometimes go to locally, although I haven't gone to any local ones in a long time. There were some video games -- someone brought a Wii unfortunately, which is no more social (and much more boring to watch) than any other console. There was a movie, 'The Thing', with people talking all through it mocking it and complaining about people mocking it and talking loudly on the balcony drowning out both. There was talking and scritching and food and drinks that were okay despite being not the sort of food or drinks I would have bought if I'd bought food. There was a little bit of half-assed dancing late at night.

And of course, everyone stayed around forever and ever so that we didn't even get to bed until 3am. And we didn't *sleep* at that point -- Odie and NRG (and someone else I never got to know at all) were staying over too, so we were all on makeshift beds in the middle of the living room, and we couldn't drift off without starting to talk about one thing or another. Around 4am the rest of them decided to head off and sleep in their own homes so that they could actually get some sleep (and/or screw like otters) since they remembered they had something to do with other people the next day and being a zombie from staying up all night talking and giggling probably wouldn't be good preparation for that.

So I got about four hours of sleep; I woke up around 8am and couldn't sleep anymore, despite trying several positions and locations all over the house.

Everyone left (well, Tarka and Darius and me were the only ones left by that point) was pretty tired Sunday, so we (well, mostly Tarka and Darius) cleaned up after the party and mostly lazed around the living room looking at websites or playing video games and such. It was obvious we weren't up to anything especially intersting, so I decided to get an early start home to get back before dark.

I left around 3pm... apparently, there's a rush hour on Sunday. 5 hours to get home. 5. Hours. Ugh. x.x

Luckily, the energy drink Darius let me take did the trick (well, that and a couple fifteen minute naps at rest areas), although it also gave me a splitting headache and other assorted 'I should never, ever drink one of those again' symptoms. Basically, one 'serving' had about 45% the lethal dose of caffeine, with two 'servings' per can, so the can needed a big warning label, 'Do not drink more than two servings of this in one sitting!' Also, it tasted like crap, perhaps as a safety feature.

It was all worn out by the time I finally got home, though. I popped some painkillers, tried (and failed) to play a little CoH, watched the weekend's episode of Naruto, which was really cool, especially the end where Tsunade is like 'Okay, I'll heal your arm Orochimaru, but you have to promise to stop being evil' and Orochimaru is like 'Suuuure, of coooourse I'll give up my life's ambition, trust me!' and then Kabuto comes and throws a knife at them to disrupt the spell, and Orochimaru looks at him, and goes 'I can't believe you've actually decided to betray me... lady Tsunade!' Aww, aren't Orochimaru and Kabuto such a cute couple?

Er, right. Part of the really cool might have been the massive amounts of conflicting drugs coursing through my system. The painkillers won, though, and I went to sleep early, after that.
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