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Anticlimax, and...

I'm going to give a very short summary of the last session of Keith's game:

Wizard: "I don't want to pay for pearls, so I'm going to use Reckless Dweomer on our magic items try to identify them. I don't need the material component, but each casting guarantees a wild surge."

Rest of party: "um..."

[five minutes later]

Druid: "Okay, I've put the horse out, and you only destroyed half the potions. Did you actually identify anything?"

Wizard: "The potions I destroyed were cure moderate wounds. Let's try again!"

Rest of party: "No!"


Basically, they were thrown back in time 4000 years, to the middle of the great war that wiped out all the dragons, which incidentally was about the time that the NPC came from somehow. So they went to her city and did the shopping they hadn't been able to do in the village, while trying to find anything which would spark her memory, and attracted a lot of attention from the wizards' guild, who recognized her as the even-more-ancient prototype of their dragon-riding living golems.

Then we ran out of time.

That was last week, though. This week, we made characters for a game I'm going to try to run based in the world of the Golden Compass, loosely. Most of the parts of the world that are interesting from an adventuring standpoint aren't really mentioned much in the books, so we'll be making all that stuff up.

The party:
Snowwy's playing a chakra-sensing Mandarin from the Orient, with some skill at acupuncture.

Keith didn't want to have a daemon, but didn't want to actually be a monster, so isntead he's a savage Harpy from the Hellenic Isles, a tribe of warrior women who bind their daemons into their weapons.

Murdock's 'some sort of tinkerer' from london.

Similarly, Lazar's playing 'the son of a butler, who was hoping to enlist in the military eventaully'.

Marie (that's not her real name, but I don't remember her real name, because I am stupid) is a 'thief' who wanted to be able to fly, so we suggested that she's actually a witch but doesn't know it, and found a sprig of cloud pine in one of her father's shipments.

They were basically all selected by alethiometer, to join the Order of the Shattered Blade and somehow combat some wraiths that have been popping up here and there, deadly creatures that only adults can see, and that can only see adults in turn. And which are very good at killing anything they can see.

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