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I hate my neighbors

Fuck my apartment complex. The pool's finally open, but it doesn't open until 10am, and one of the thirty people whose apartment overlooks the pool has decided to be a self-appointed enforcer of that rule. Which means I can't take a swim for exercise before work like I'd hoped.

"Some poeple are trying to sleep!" he whined. Really? At 9am? And a little splashing is going to wake them up? I get garbage trucks outside my window at 6am, and screaming children from the school next door by 8. Total silence after the sun is up is not really a reasonable expectation.

Note that he wasn't asleep -- he was watching TV, loudly blaring out his open window into the pool area and then back into the windows of the people whose undisturbed rest he supposedly cared so much about.

I hope he dies. Not in a fire, though, he lives in my building after all.

Maybe I can talk to the apartment manager and get them to open the pool earlier. Yeah, right, they don't even show up until 10:30 or 11:00, and they're gone before I get back from work at 6:00. Least attentive managers I've ever seen, but on balance that's a good thing, I think. Attention from landlords is usually bad.

Anyway, I might still be able to use the pool after work or something. Although I'm usually just tired after work and don't want to do anything. x.x

Also... kind of lusting after Command and Conquer 3, although I'm not sure my crap computer can run it. I think I'll try, though. I played a little bit of the original Command and Conquer on gametap, but it wasn't the same.

Oh! And I went out last night to buy C+C 3, but all the stores were closed. So I decided to go see Transformers while I was there, but it wasn't showing for like two hours despite haveing two theaters -- they were basically in sync. But Ratatoille was just about to start...

It's a very good movie, with some nice rattiness and a lot of humor. A little confused in the middle-towards-the-end, but not so much as to make you hate it. And they avoided several horrible cliche plot points that would have made me want to strangle the writers, so that's another point in its favor. }:P
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