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Screw New Egg

First of all, let me get this out of the way -- the weekend wasn't bad, overall. Most instants were quite pleasant, and I got Cinnamon up to level 50 finally -- my first 50 in City of Heroes. I created my first kheldian this morning before work, although I only got him through the tutorial before heading off.

What sucked was my ill-conceived attempt to upgrade my computer by replacing the processor. I ordered it last Sunday, and it arrived Friday while I was work, meaning it was locked up in the manager's office until they finally got in around 3pm on Saturday -- WTF is up with their office hours?

So, anyway, Saturday morning was nice because I was running a Faathim the Kind TF with a pretty awesome pick up group, and while I was worried about this new weird crash my computer had done first thing when I turned it on, it didn't happen during the TF or anything. We got through the TF in near-record time -- only four and a half hours. It was worse than positron -- 13 door missions, only one of which was ghostable. The rest weren't kill-all, but they had so many objectives and so many rooms around those objectives that had to be cleared that you might as well kill everything you see.

But then, Saturday afternoon I tried to install the new processor. Man, the fan/heat-sink snap/twist pin-things suck major ass. I don't think I managed to work them right, but through the application of brute force I managed to take off the old fan to remove the old chip, and get the heat sink locked in place over the new processor. And... it didn't work. I mean, it totally didn't work -- no error message, no beeps, nothing. The motherboard manual said that that meant it 'failed the power on test'.

So, I took off the fucking heat sink again, checked the chip, and -- ugh, a piece of dust had gotten under the chip somehow, blocking two of the pins. So I carefully removed that fluff and checked for other dust, put it back in and... nope, still nothing.

So since I didn't want to be entirely without a computer, I put the old chip back in, and gingerly turned on the power... and it worked fine. By this point I was sweaty and exhausted from all the 'heatsink on, heatsink off' crap, so I sent out some mail asking if anyone had any idea what was up with the new chip, and went to play a little more CoH.

And WHAM, the computer crashed. It's crashed four times since then, with the same crash... which I'd attribute to my screwing up the reinstallation of the old processor if it wasn't the same crash I first saw Saturday morning, before I fucked with the processor at all. It's a really screwed up coincidence, but I don't know what else it could be -- I don't think I'm incompetent enough with computers to send problems *back in time*.

But basically, everyone I asked wrote back saying that it was probably just that my processor wasn't compatible with my motherboard, despite using the same slot. I think Jurann was the one who said, "Just because it's pin-compatible doesn't mean it'll actually work, you're lucky your computer didn't catch fire!"

So I sent it back this morning. The website at Newegg wouldn't give me an RMA because it'd been more than 7 days since I ordered it -- and if that's when they start the timer for their return policy, that's majorly fucked up, because they didn't even *ship* it until the 10th, and I didn't get it (according to UPS) until the 13th (I actually got my hands on it the 14th).

Actual customer service gave me an RMA, but the return instructions had another fucked up clause -- 'getting an RMA doesn't extend the timer on returns, we must receive it before the return period expires'. On a *7 day* return period? It's literally impossible to round-trip it that fast. This was the first business day after I received it, and it's already more than 7 days since I ordered it...

Anyway, I sent it back in case their actual policy is, you know, not completely deceptive and unfair. If I don't get my money back, I'm definately never ordering from them again. Although, to be fair, even if I do get my money back I'm probably never buying computer components again. I've had nothing but trouble with trying to build and upgrade computers myself. Next time I'm getting a Gateway or something.
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