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Seal Clubbing

Friday night we had a session of the Golden Compass Shadake game. There was some fighting and stuff... the current implementation of the rules is even less deadly than the last, which is even less deadly than the one before was... the idea is that weapons should be realistically deadly, so there have to be ways to avoid ever getting hit, for a price. Part of that price is a penalty on your next attack.

In the morning, while Taegan was finishing up deciphering the morse code, Jana outside hears the sounds of a struggle from down below -- the seals had ambushed the bear with nets, and were trying to pull it into the water! And while the bear was a lot stronger, it looked like they might actually succeed.

So she banged on the window of the lighthouse to alert the people inside, and flew down to cut the bear out of the fishing nets before he was dragged under and drowned. A bunch of human-form seals with spears ran up to try to stab the bear, and ended up fighting the freed bear and Jana... and the four of them against those two were a fairly even match.

Eric and Lissar came down to help -- dodging past the machinery -- but they were a distraction at best since they didn't have real weapons. Lissar did finally tangle one of the spears up in a net, but the enemies were already exhausted by that point and fled into the water anyway.

Chaihong and Taegan didn't make it out of the lighthouse in time to join the fight -- Chaihong got dangled from a pendulum and Taegan had to save him.

The bear leapt into the water to pursue the seals -- they'd promised not to attack him and broken their word, to his mind, and he wasn't going to let them get away with it! Lissar threw a curse at him to try to hold him back -- 'don't abandon me!' -- but his will in this matter was too strong.

They waited about three minutes -- shooting at any seal that showed its head above water, looking for signs of the bear coming up for air -- before they decided to head back to the castle. Although first, Lissar wanted to lay waste to the fishing village to avenge the bear, who she was afraid had drowned.

There were a few seals in the village... the first pair went down fast to Wren's rifle and Jana's death from above. A second pair came out to investigate and... went down fast to Wren's rifle and Jana's death from above. Or maybe it was Eric's pistol? I don't remember. If it *was* Eric's pistol he should have taken Aura damage from killing someone, since he's not a psycho mercenary like Jana.

Looting the village, they found some weird stuff in little jars and... all their equipment, looted from the castle while they were sleeping in the lighthouse. Oops. Lissar managed to figure out how to get the seals out of their human-skin suits so that they could be chopped up for dinner -- if the bear wasn't going to eat them, she was!

Just as they were getting ready to leave, Taegan spotted the bear washed up on the shore, unconscious -- it looked like he'd pushed himself to get out of the water and then collapsed. Lissar was able to levitate him with her broomstick, and they took him with them as they returned to the castle.

They were worried about the person who'd opened the first gateway causing another incursion, so Taegan tried to bring down the ceiling in the little ritual chamber... he managed to convert one of the small, mostly useless zappy things into a bomb powerful enough to kill everyone in the room (no one was actually in the room) but even embedding it in the ceiling, that wasn't enough to bring it down. So instead, they filled the room with garbage from the rat-filled chambers and the wreckage of the front gate, and hid a trap on the metal bits of the front gate (which they kept insulated from the ground) that would electrocute anyone who touched it.

At the very least, they figured clearing away the garbage would make noise.

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