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Oh, and I just remembered my dream from last night.

I was on vacation in Hawaii with my parents. They and I each had a car with us, and we were driving around from island to island seeing the sights.

Hawaii was much smaller in this dream than it is in real life... it was about the size of a Myst level, and fairly similar in layout, although there were also strip-malls and people.

But it was almost nightfall, and our guide suggested that he knew this ultra-wonderful island that we just had to see, since this was our last day there. So we loaded our cars into his... his... well, it was sort of like an amphibious station wagon. It wasn't big enough to hold our cars, but we packed them in the trunk anyway. Anyway, we loaded our cars, and he started driving recklessly through little tunnels, over open fields, and finally off a cliff into the water. He made us get out of the station wagon/boat before he did that last part, and we had to jump separately. The water was deep, and blue, and cold, and there were sharks swimming in it, although since our guide was telling us to jump in we knew it was safe.

We got to the island just before nightfall, and stopped at a restaurant to eat. But while we were eating, night fell, and the island was invaded by... demons? Well, by monsters, at least, which attacked everyone, killing and murdering everything in their path.

I was separated from my parents (I'm pretty sure they were both killed), and desperately followed this young girl who lived on the island and told me that this happened every night, and the guide was probably just unscrupulous and wanted us to pay for the extra half-hour that it took him to get home, since he lived here.

Now, since everyone around was getting killed, and this supposedly happened every night, it's not clear how anyone could have lived on that island for any length of time. Maybe something magical happened by morning to save everyone, but I never got to find out since the girl and I were cornered in a chintzy gift shop and slaughtered.
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