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Well, at lesat *one* of the books I was waiting for came in...

Bard Bloom's 'a marriage of insects' came in the mail yesterday. It's a small-press published thingie set in the World Tree universe, about giant adulterous crickets. Well, really, it's about how love ruins everything, whether you're a giant adulterous cricket or an evil genius.

Nethry's plan is VERY BAD. But her heart isn't in it, so that makes sense.

Marjoram or whatever is a jerk. Casamint is kind of mean, but at least he doesn't assume that he's in charge and keep a ledger of favors done. Borgette is scheming and manipulative (and blatantly adulterous). I guess that means they deserve each other?

Still, I'd rather be friends with Tuku than any of them. Or Chicory, even if she's a bit shallow. (or at least that's how sythyry would probably put it)

All the big fight scenes happened off camera! Noooooo! Still, the Harry Potter books do the same thing, so it must be the right way to do it, right?

Anyway, after playing some CoH (trying to figure out whether my archery/dev blaster is really weak or not) I started reading it last night at 11pm, and finished around 4am. I did't *intend* to read it in one sitting, *or* stay up three hours past my bedtime...
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