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Undead Eviction

Friday we sort of had a session of the Shadake game I've been trying to run. Dinner went long -- we went to a steakhouse -- and left me feeling really sick, and running to the bathroom every hour or so. Also, gassy enough to drive Keith all the way across the room, away from his character sheet. I didn't actually smell anything -- I think he was just trying to embarass me as much as possible, since he's that sort of person.

Also, Carolyn wasn't here this week, so I didn't want to go too far into actual plotty stuff.

Having secured the spot where the gate had been from any further incursion (they hoped), the kids decided to clean out the rest of the castle. Well, Eric decided to, and the others agreed to help.

After very nearly burning down the building -- Taegan managed to repair the pump in the kitchen to get some water, and beating on the flaming spiderwebs with wet blankets managed to douse it -- they decided to go with a safer but less speedy option, twirling the webs around sticks and taking them outside to burn. No one was bitten too badly, and the spiders weren't especially venemous.

Almost everything had been ruined by spiders or silverfish or fire, though -- the only thing of interest they found on the upper level were the skeletal bodies of the castles' previous owners, lying next to each other in the master bedroom. They decided to take them outside and bury them next to the villagers, hopefully putting any spirits at rest.

Unfortunately, the sun was setting as they started to dig the graves, and the poultergeists had no intention of letting their bodies be buried!

They attacked first with a giant spider melded from the spiders infesting their skeletons, and a dust devil, but that proved... ineffective, so one went to get a whole swarm of spiders from the castle, while the other animated the dead bodies as zombies, lurching towards Caihong and Jana with wicked clawed fingers...

But then Eric and Taegan were back with a couple of the little zappers, which proved able to hurt the poultergeists themselves, as Wren had promised, and not just their animated bodies. Eric and Taegan spent a while dueling with the zombie-poultergeist, zapping it repeatedly until it finally disintegrated, while Caihong and Jana dealt with the spider-swarm one -- Jana killed all the spiders with her sword while Caihong got the BIG anbaric spring, and then the poultergeist tried to possess Caihong and got a couple shocks at 25% for its trouble, destroying it as well.

As they were brushing themselves off, they saw lights over the water -- the ship the lighthouse-owner had promised to send was on its way. An airship, docking at the lighthouse.

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