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We had a session of Eric's Eberron campaign. Mostly just a few filler battles, with a short break for Eric and I to alternately threaten to walk out because the other was being unreasonable. Of course, he was the only one actually being unreasonable. And I'm sure he'd say the same about me, since he did during his non-apology apology.


I'm not still angry, but I'm worried that he's going to keep getting angry every time I criticize his rulings. It's hard for me to have fun and relax if I have to worry about how other people are going to take things. And he makes a *lot* of rulings that I disagree with. I don't think there's ever been a session where there were less than five.

I can live with 'because I'm the GM, I get the final say'. Not so much with 'because I'm the GM, I get the ONLY say, and will refuse to even consider anything anyone else says, instead treating it as an attack on my authority'.

The party's gather information checks attracted the wrong kind of attention -- a small child ran up to Zeffy and handed her a slip of paper, telling her to come to a dark alleyway to meet with an informant. 'Bring gold.'

"Hey, guys, someone just gave me a note telling me to run off and get robbed. Anyone care to come along and join in on the fun?"

Unfortunately, the ambush was not the pack of theives leaping out of the shadows that the party expected and prepared for, but the informant himself being a Bodak. Silas, bravely taking the lead, somehow managed to fail his fort save and died.

Efneisien: "I'll cast resurgence to give him another save!"
Josh: "Um, Tom, you *do* know that I failed on purpose as an excuse to switch to this other character I made, right?"

The rest of the party averted their gaze to fight, and when the averted-gaze didn't work very well, spent action points to make their saves, since unlike Silas they didn't have stupidly good fort saves that could shrug off a bodak stare. Still, they were winning easily, even before they were 'rescued' by Chit-chit and Ignacious and Moroni.

Efneisien: "I loot the bodies!"
Eric: "The bodak has a pouch with 100 platinum in it."
Efneisien: "I also want Silas' stuff!"
Josh: "Sorry, his equipment was willed to his family on his death."
Zeffy: "Well, I saw him buy those +2 Dex gloves just a few days ago. Surely they won't notice if a magic item they never knew about went missing."
Eric: "Moroni is a priest of the god of law and order, you can recognize by the symbol she wears."
Efneisien: "Well, then we'll kill her too!"

But they didn't -- the excuse to not loot the replaced character's body was that they were planning to raise him from the dead later. He had enough on him to hire the temple to cast gentle repose almost indefinately, and they told the priests to take care of him until they returned from their urgent mission, at which point they expected to be able to afford to raise him from the dead. Ludwig would stay behind to keep watch, and take him back to Sharn and his family by normal means if the party took too long or never came back.

Moroni and Ignacious and Chit-Chit joined the party -- they'd been sent by the dragon Voltron (not his real name) to help them fulfill some prophecy and avery a great evil. They had Zeffy at 'prophecy', and Heyyou and Efneisien didn't really care. There was no way they could be more useless than Ludwig, and without Silas they could use another fighter. And they'd been missing a mage and priest.

So they went to find the captain house Cannith had recommended they use to get to the secret hiding place of the fourth schema. He didn't have an airship either -- it was another water-ship powered by a water-elemental, and thus almost certainly also much slower than the real House Lyander airship their enemies were using. The captain also wanted a ridiculous sum of money -- 5000 gp on top of the letter of credit they'd been given to pay for transportation.

Ignaceous recommended that they instead go to the temple and hire a priest to cast a Wind Walk spell on them, which would get them to the temple in a single day, instead of the 4-7 that the water-ship would take, and might actually get them there before the enemies, allowing them to actually complete their mission. However, doing that would have broken the GM's plot, so the party was convinced to spend ten times as much to hire the much slower and less reliable form of transportation.

Well, okay, also because the wind walk spell would have left them stranded in the wilderness with no way to get back, unless they managed to capture the enemy's airship or something.

So, anyway, they got on the boat. The first day they were attacked by a giant throwing rocks. Efenisien cast Water Walking on some people, and Heyyou waded out underwater to attack the giant's knees, and they managed to take him down without too much trouble.

But that night they were ambushed by three hags, who kept appearing out of invisibility and doing touch attacks that required a fort save -- which the party kept making, annoying the GM to no end -- and then next turn going invisible again to move around for another undodgeable attack. Kaevan tried readying an action to attack one during a turn where they couldn't bee seen, but since he couldn't see the enemy before they attacked, this ended up being useless, and in addition reset his initiative to *after* the enemies somehow, so he lost his next turn too.

Ignacieous got in some good hits while they were visible, though, and one of them stayed to try to take out Zeffy, since she was a soft target and her song was pretty effective, and got mobbed for its trouble. Zeffy pulled an animal out of the bag of tricks they'd found on the giant, thinking that it would help someone flank, but ended up with a bat, which had no attacks and didn't threaten any squares... but had blindsight. So it acted as a beacon, hovering overhead and out of reach above the invisible ones, so that the party could at least know which square to attack.

So the hags were repelled, EVENTUALLY, and the party hadn't wasted *too* many spells in the process.

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