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Very, very long weekend

...but not long enough?

I took off Friday, and skipped the normal friday game, because I was going... somewhere... with my mom and sister and aunt and my sister's family. The original plan was Canada, until we realized that half of us lacked passports, and thanks to Bush the border guards are all fascist gits.

We ended up going up to Anacortes and taking the ferry to the San Juan islands. We had dinner at a fish place in Friday Harbor, drove all over the island late at night and stopped at a beach to watch the stars, took a dip in a lukewarm tub, tried to sleep on rocklike matresses while roommates snored (okay, that one was just me)...

The second day, we went out to a whale-watching park, and while the rocks and stuff were pretty, there were no whales. Apparently, the whales only come by the whale-watching place once a day (they circle the islands), and it's not at the same time each day. Thus, the whale-watching cruises, that circle the island in the opposite direction, and are almost certain to find the local pod. We didn't take the cruise.

Then, as a change of plans, we decided to hop over to Orcas island instead of spending the rest of the day on San Juan. We wanted to get lunch before going over, but ended up arguing, changing our minds, and wasting time, to the point where despite starting on this quest at noon, we ended up running to our cars after just getting sandwiches, to make it on the 2:00 ferry.

But we made it over, and drove up to the top of Mt. Constitution, where we got to look at all the islands from above. It was very pretty... we also did a stop at a lake on the way down, but then it was time to go home, somehow, and again we barely made the ferry and ended up grabbing food from the food-places right next to the ferry waiting area.

Unfortunately, mom's car didn't quite make it up the mountain and down unharmed -- the check engine light turned on, indicating some trivial problem with the emissions system. Because Subaru wants you to take the car in for expensive service instead of ignoring it, the check engine light disables certain other automatic systems, making the problem look much worse than it is. Mom was already angry at Alex for being too 'condescending' when we were trying to catch the ferry to Orcas, and this didn't help. "I TOLD him to rent a van, but NO, he said that we could just take two cars..."

And so on. For hours. HOURS during which I was stuck in the fucking car with her, as we drove back to Seattle from Anacortes. At least they let my put on the oldies radio station, instead of having to listen to their horrible even oldies-er CDs.

So I was in a wonderful mood Sunday for the D+D game...

Monday I was back with the family, since I'd taken off work that day too. We went shopping, picked some blueberries, and had dinner. This somehow took all day. I don't know how being with family manages to eat up so much time, although I've seen hints of it when I spend time with people other than family, although those other people aren't anywhere near as good at eating up my life.

Because they'd taken the car in to be fixed by the dealer here, changing and cancelling certain plans because OH NO, THE CHECK ENGINE LIGHT!, Mom was also in town today, but I lied and told them that I had to go back to work, because there's only so much time I can spend with other people before really, really wanting to... well, actually, it's mostly to sneak off and hide, like I did during the blueberry picking thing.

Blah. And tomorrow I have to go back to work for real...
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