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Been playing lots of CoH lately. I did take a break to play a little FFXII. After spending like two hours wandering around the gize plains, I managed to open the passage to the place where the Gil Snapper supposedly resides, only to get my ass chomped by the random encounters wandering around there. I mean, I could kill them, but the emergency hi potion/phoenix down gambits started going off 'cause I was getting badly mauled in the process, which made it... not so cost-effective.

So I reloaded from the save I'd made just after opening the passage, and I guess I'll try actually hunting down that mark later. Assuming I actually go back to FFXII anytime soon.

Last night in CoH, I went on as City Fox, my AR/fire blaster, for a while... I was instantly invited to a team, fighting +3-+4 DE in the Lag of the Earth mission, which has huge ambushes. We died SO hard, and me not remembering at *all* how to play AR/fire didn't help. So I solo'd for a while to clear the debt, and remembered that part of 'how to play AR/fire' involves fighting mostly whites, so that you can kill them quickly, since that's about all either half of the combo gives you. Well, you also get beanbag, which is a crappy stun -- it wears off before you can recast it, even fully enhanced for stun duration.

But after a bit of that I got on another team, which sucked less, perhaps because we weren't going against such horribly tough opponents. They ran my missions, in fact, although they made me set meyself unyielding for more XP -- the group was full of AoE, and we still tore through things, so it was a good choice. Using Air Superiority to chain-knockdown Totems so that me and the other AR blaster could toast them with ignite was particularly satisfying.

Except that after that group broke up, I forgot to set myself back to heroic before doing another mission, and... well, I discovered that AR/fire *can* solo on unyielding, at least against warriors and banished pantheon. It's just *really hard*.

But then, the rampage. I got invited to a group with the vague description, 'want to try something new?' 'Something New' was apparently going to bloody bay and getting the leader a shivan shard, while also hunting down villains. The rest of the team was lobsters and tanks (except for the leader, who was busy getting his shivan shard), so they'd find a villain and start fighting them, and I'd swoop in and snipe them from overhead. No one ever looks up.

The only interesting fight was when a stalker tried to assassinate the warshade. He didn't get the kill, so the warshade decided to sit on a rooftop marked afk to lure the stalker back while the rest of us hid behind buildings nearby. "He's not that stupid, he'll just come after me 'cause I have no defenses," I said, and sure enough... ASSASSIN STRIKE! But the rest of the team came to help me quickly enough (bloody bay == no really big stalker follow-up attacks), and then we chased him all over the sky since he was a flyer too. He hadn't slotted his fly as much as I had, though, so I was eventually able to catch up and finish him off.

After a while, the villains stopped coming, though, so we decided to tempt them by invading their base. Not the part that would get us droned, of course, but we systematically started stripping it of turrets, and sure enough that lured them out to fight. If it was one or two at a time it still wasn't much of a threat, but eventually there was a group (not sure if they were teamed) of a dominator, three stalkers, a brute, and a mastermind... not all at the same time, but usually four or so at once. That made it a lot more even, and eventually we got pushed back to the water (because they harassed us when we attacked the turrets enough that the turrets all respawned), where we fought back and forth a few times.

That didn't stop the dominator from trash talking on broadcast about how we were ganging up on her, though. I mean, it *kind* of made sense when it was her + a dozen turrets (not exaggerating) against four of us, but when it was six of them and a dozen turrets against four of us it was a bit silly.

Anyway, eventually I logged off and kept reading a webcomic foomf from the livejournal global channel pointed me to... questionable content, or something like that? I was up to strip 332 out of 900-something by the time I really, really had to go to bed. x.x It's pretty cool.
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