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If I wasn't shy...

My speakers burned out a couple weeks ago -- or at least, started making loud buzzing noises all the time instead of playing various sound effects only when the computer was turned on -- so I got new ones. The new ones are kind of cheap and sucky, but I actually use headphones pretty much full time anyway, so the main purpose of the speakers is to be a really expensive extension cord for the headphone jack.

While I was there, I picked up a really cheap webcam because... um...

Anyway, someone joked 'pics please' when the inevitable 'okay, time for bed getting naked' conversation started going around on the lj global chat channel, so I mentioned that I *did* have a webcam, although it wasn't installed.

"WE DIDN'T MEAN YOU!" came the inevitable response, but I'd been reminded of its existance, and installed it anyway. And then, of course, I had to spend half an hour taking naked movies of myself in all kinds of compromising positions, because what *else* do you do with a webcam?

No, they're not anywhere you can see them. I deleted them, actually -- the program that comes with the webcam saves out a 2 gig .avi for a 5-minute movie. Obviously, I'd need to get an actual video-editing or whatever program to put it to any real use. Well, or a video chat program maybe.

Also, I'd need to wear clothes while at the computer.

In other news, Rainfurrest is this weekend, which means the friday game and the sunday meet are both cancelled (or as good as). I was planning to stop by the con on Saturday, but... I'm just not really feeling into it. I mean, I'm sure it'll be a perfectly acceptable convention experience, but those haven't really been very good experiences for me lately. Or, well, ever. Well, that's not true -- the (really really old) devilbunny live meetups were an insane amount of fun... because I knew everyone there, and they were people I hung out with online all the time, etc. That isn't how it goes at furry cons.

I should go, I guess, because I told people I was going to be there, but I doubt any of them really care.
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