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Labor Day Stuff

Aside from D+D, over the weekend I played a bunch of CoH and FFXII, and also bought a PSP.

The used ones were $130 at the game store at the mall, which seemed reasonable. Of course, that didn't include a memory stick -- for some ungodly reason those are sold separately, and cost like $40. Oh, and you need a carrying case because the thing doesn't have a clamshell or anything to protect the screen if you put it in your pocket with a bunch of loose games. The whole package is (a) very expensive and (b) waaay too big to really be that portable. It's portable enough to take into the bathroom, at least, which is where I end up playing most of my GBA and DS games.

I got five games with it... five cheap games, because I'm cheap. }:P

Daxter: Haven't tried it yet.

Petpet Adventures: Not sure why I bought this, other than that I remembered Snowwy talking about it. Why didn't I just ask him if I could borrow it? I'm not even that into neopets.

Lumines II: Penny Arcade kept talking about Lumines. It's a Tetris/etc. clone. Kind of a middle-of-the-road 'meh' one from what I can tell. I should have gotten Bust a Move.

Gitaroo Man Lives: ARGH! While I *do* love Gitaroo Man, this isn't a sequel like I thought. It's a port.

Dungeons and Dragons Tactics: Now this one's interesting... it's basically 3.5 D+D ported to the PSP. It seems to be pretty competent, although the UI is confusing, especially in the shops and other screens involving equipment. They simplified or removed a bunch of stuff that would have been slightly difficult to implement, though... like wild shape, the ability to select a companion (you get a dog and that's that), and all the druid's attack spells (druid attack spells don't do massive damage, but they last several rounds so you get a lot of bang for your spell slot). Without attack spells or wild shape, druids are pretty sad. Oh and no spontaneous casting either. Druids are REALLY sad.

It also hits on one of my big pet peeves from tactics games -- you have to loot all the chests in the mission before killing the last enemy, or you lose your chance to ever open them. WTF? They even have a special 'exploration' mode that lets you move around the map before you spot the enemy, but instead of going back into that after you kill everyone, it's heylookcutscenebyebye.

But overall it seems like a decent adaptation, at least if you avoid the parts that were nerfed beyond recognition, like druids. My main character's a druid. I think I'm going to have to start over with a different party.

Aaanyway, I *also* also got this adaptor that's supposed to let me upload porn to the PSP so that I can... er... to upload videos and images and music to the PSP. I haven't installed it yet, though.
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