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You load 16 tons...

So, I've got this stack of comics in the bathroom, piling up dangerously high -- I read a lot of comics in the bathroom, but these are the ones I've already read recently.

Normally, before they'd get that high, I'd move them to the living room coffee table, where they'd be stacked briefly before being sorted into several broad categories and moved into the little nook accidentally formed by some shelves that were originally supposed to go on top of the dresser in my bedroom, except that they turned out to work better as a little shelving nook.

Only, the coffee table is also full, to the point of near-collapse. And the shelving nook is full. Or, well, *was* full. I finally got around to buying some modular shelf-thingies from the container store and putting a bunch of comics in boxes to be stacked on said shelves, over near the stacks of boxes of old books, in the dining room which has never been used for anything but storage.

But now I'm kind of worn out, and my neck and back hurt, and I really don't feel like sorting comics and moving stacks. Maybe tomorrow. -.-
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