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Cities are Boring

Friday night we had a session of the Shadake game I've been running. I prepared this time, only I forgot to prepare the most *important* part -- something to fight so that it didn't get boring.

There was a point where I was like, "Okay, my DM-senses tell me that you should be attacked by something here," but I couldn't think of anything. Damn it.

Brother Wren was staying at the Church of the Brave Hearts, a druid-themed place of worship that didn't open for services until midnight, at least on weekdays. After some scary encounters with bad-natured (nocturnal) priests, the party managed to locate him, and they compared notes -- Lord Wright had sent half a dozen people in an airship to help guard the gate, but after running into the party's traps, the enemy had instead opened a BUNCH of gates elsewhere and sent through the spider-robots. So Wren and the others had run away before they could be lasered.

Wren told them that he'd gotten orders from home base in Oxford, and that they were supposed to hunt down three specters that were in the city and very dangerous. So they decided to head to an insane asylum to see if anyone had been committed with the symptoms of specter-eating. As luck would have it, there was a recent case, just a day old... but it was from a wealthy family and they'd bribed the doctor to keep their identity secret. Taegan managed to spy a partial address off the file over the doctor's shoulder, so they headed to that neighborhood to investigate.

It turned out to be a private, gated community, so they snuck around and climbed over a wall from an adjacent park into the back yard of what looked like an empty house. Well, most of them climbed over -- the bear screwed up majorly and climbed *through*.

They talked to some children, and were shown to a house, the Van Kassel estate, where someone had recently gotten sick. After talking their way past the butler, they spoke to an old lady who told them that on subsequent nights, her daughter and son-in-law had mysteriously gotten sick, presuambly because of the specter. She agreed to give them any cooperation they needed in order to hunt down this specter and cure her children...

So the kids decided to head back to get their specter-hunting equipment, and Brother Wren so that he could explain to this nice old lady why her daughter and son-in-law were basically already dead.

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