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Tonight was Lazar's game, after work. Having a game every friday night makes the weekends seem remarkably shorter, but it's generally pretty fun. We didn't accomplish a whole lot tonight, but at least all our characters got laid.

This game was described as 'cyberpunk', but it's a lot less cyber and a lot less punk than most. It's also quasi-linked to the previous magical-medieval games by being set in the same world, only a few decades further on... only portals have opened up to Earth, which is where our characters come from this time.

I'm playing a genetically and cosmetically engineered human/weasel hybrid, which is basically an excuse to have boosted stats without messing around with cyberware, which I don't really care for. In the system we're using (Shadake, Lazar's custom system that he hopes to sell someday, although I have my doubts) only the effects of weirdass facets like being half weasel really matter, so as far as the game is concerned I might as well have cyberware.

I was designated as the 'street samurai' somewhat against my will... there's also a driver/rigger/decker and a mage. It's a small group, although we were supposed to be getting a new member this week. No one new showed up, though.

Tonight we basically wrapped up the 'rescue Fukachan' plot, where we were hired to travel to the other world and rescue a small electric ferret/squirrel diva from prison so that she could perform at a rave. Risking your life for trivial crap is what cyberpunk's all about, right?

At any rate, the last session ended with us taking down a group of assassins sent to kill Fukachan... using weapons that seemed to be an exact copy of mine, which should have meant that they were actually made by the same people, since my weapons are magi-tech and basically irreproducable -- reverse engineered copies would have had different random special effects. So the first thing to do this time was to try to interrogate them.

It was pretty much a bust. So as not to attract attention, we rented a room upstairs from an anime convention, then walked in with them duct taped up and with our weapons out, fitting right in. They seemed to be talking, but they were actually spouting nonsense to distract us while they used their illusion powers to escape. Once I noticed that the thing I'd been talking to was an illusion, I rushed downstairs, ten steps at a time, guns out, shouting "Out of the way! I'm chasing invisible people!" Then I flew to the roof and perched like a gargoyle, hoping to catch them once they thought they were home free and dropped their cover.

It didn't work, though. But at least we got all their stuff -- I got another 'caster (that's the weapon I use, it shoots magical spells -- see Outlaw Star), some shells I was running low on, and a pair of wings... the other party members got other stuff I didn't really pay attention to. Not having gotten anything useful out of our erstwhile prisoners, I had no choice but to approach my boss, the professor who made the caster, and ask him why, exactly, assassins were after us using his equipment. Meanwhile, the others guarded Fukachan in a random spot to be safe from assassins. To be random, we let her pick... and she picked Gasworks park, which isn't exactly the most inconspicuous place in the world. But it certainly wasn't where I'd go if I was running for my life, so we decided it would do.

The professor seemed worried about the technology getting out, and did a search on how it might have happened, although he didn't deign to tell me what he'd found. I traded in some shells I'd tested during the prison breakout for new, untested ones, and also got a few other trinkets -- a dragon statue that, when placed on a computer, made would-be hackers forget to actually hack, and a pair of invisible sunglasses. After assisting him with a rather boring experiment (willpower rolls required), I was 'free to go', meaning he was out of time to deal with me. Sigh.

The delay meant that I was late to the big party... when I got there, the accidentally aphrodisiac drug NKN (our mage) had put in the mist machine had already turned it into an orgy. After an embarassing episode with a hermaphrodite (which I got through with the help of mind-altering drugs) I ended up spending most of the night with Fukachan, who'd finished her set (leaving the rest of the night to NKN).

I awoke in the morning sore, but satisfied... and discovered a bit later that Fukachan was really a spy, when we caught her passing on secret information in an alleyway. Since we don't really care about our employer -- he basically forced us to work for him, saying that as long as we were useful he wouldn't take vengeance on us for blowing up a bunch of his stuff (and staff) -- our reaction was basically, 'oh, cool'.

We also saved our progress by talking to Geneviere (formerly Javafox's character from two games previous to this), professional Save Point and Pheonix Down dispenser. We've had to reload from the save point once already, although that episode was rigged to kill us all and show how it worked.

We got paid for the rave, and I blew all the money on a really cool gun -- a recoilless .45 pistol with a laser sight, silencer, armor-piercing incendiary rounds, and a concealed holster. Apparently, we had another job coming up, that NKN and Nazir must have volunteered me for while I was asleep or something, and Fukachan was going to come along with us because she 'wanted to see New York City'. It was a long, boring drive, so I passed the time flirting with her.

And that's pretty much where we stopped.

next week
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